America's Original 21 & Under Tournament Series

19th Bracket Rolloff Survivor Tournament & Sweeper Event

Posted on: March 16th, 2019 by Matt Himmelreich

This event is a FREE BOWLING TOURNAMENT for ALL our BRACKET winners from the 2018-2019 Season.  If you won at least 1 bracket during a regular event – You are qualified to bowl!  All bowlers compete and all bowlers win a scholarship!  Every Year this event gives away over $7,000 in Scholarships!!

** This year’s 2019 Event is at 222 Dutch Lanes, Ephrata, PA ** – Top prize GUARANTEED $500 SCHOLARSHIP IN EACH DIVISION

Round 1 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 10:30am – Guaranteed $15 scholarship minimum
Round 2 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 11:30am – Guaranteed $25 scholarship minimum
Round 3 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 12:15pm – Guaranteed $35 scholarship minimum
Round 4 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 1pm – Guaranteed $50 scholarship minimum
Round 5 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 1:45pm – Guaranteed $75 scholarship minimum
Round 6 Bowlers Report to Bowl at 2:30pm – Guaranteed $100 scholarship minimum

Format: Each of the first 5 Rounds are conducted are eliminator style. All the bowlers that show up from Round 1 bowl off in a 2 game eliminator style format. Half the bowlers from each round advance to the next round. Example: 10 bowlers / top 5 advance from Round 1 to Round 2. Bowlers advancing join the Round 2 bowlers for the same format for 5 rounds. In Round 6, the top 16 bowlers advance to make our 16 bowler bracket. Head to head matches then begin. Bracket will do 2 game matches for the Round of 16 and Round of 8. Once we get to 4 Bowlers, the matches are 1 game LIVESTREAM matches to determine our champion. It is single elimination — once a bowler loses once or is not in the top half of the eliminator field…they are eliminated.

All Day Sweeper Squads will be going on for our Sweeper Tournament. Even if you get knocked out early or bowl later….come out early and bowl Travis’ sweeper tournament. Offers multiple divisions and singles/doubles. Sweeper squads are 3 games and done and you can re-enter as many times as you like.

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Event Information

Event Date/Time: 05-26-2019 @ 10:30am

222 Dutch Lanes, Oregon Pike, Ephrata, PA, USA