Dancing pins and a dancing lady at pro skins

Published on: June 11, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

The PJBT’s 4th Championship Weekend at Limerick Bowl began in fun fashion.  Six PBA touring pros competed in our annual skins match. Parker Bohn III, Bill O’Neill, Doug Kent, Danny Wiseman, Ryan Ciminelli, and Kelly Kulick put on quite a show. The night ended up taking a dancing theme.  The first twist was making all six bowlers get a designated pin count in games two, four, and six.  The tap tap on Travis’s dice app on his phone determined the count. Frame two was eight.  None of the pros could get eight on either of their two chances.  A seven-count in the 4th and nine-count in the 6th was a lot easier to attain. Skins carried all the way to the 10th frame.  Kelly, Bill, and Danny made it to the second part of the 10th frame.  Kelly struck, putting the pressure on Bill and Danny.  Neither gentleman struck, and Kelly danced across the lanes to celebrate her victory. Special thanks to all six pros, BowlerX, Limerick Bowl, and Mortgage America for sponsoring this event.