Harford/Himmelreich win scratch, Bohn’s win handicap at amf country club

Published on: October 16, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

The 9th event of the PJBT schedule took us to Baltimore, MD for the first Adult/Jr. of the season.  The tournament was sponsored by Shot Makers Pro Shop!!  It was also the kick-off event for the Danny Wiseman Youth Scholarship Tournament weekend!! In the scratch division, Brent Himmelreich and Roger Harford Jr. won on a clutch 10th frame strike from Brent to defeat 2nd place Christian Francis and Christopher Richardson 426-422.  Both teams where the top 2 seeds entering the 6 team bracket roll-off.  Finishing 3rd was the team of Michael Martell and Bradley Crouse, 4th was Hunter Machin/Patrick Mitchell, 5th Austin Chubb/Erv Raines, and 6th place was Amanda Barna and Tom Barna Sr.  Each youth received scholarship and the adult receiving a gift card. 1. Harford/Himmelreich   $200/$100 2. Francis/Richardson      $100/$75 3. Martell/Crouse            $75/$50 4. Machin/Mitchell      $75/$50 5. Chubb/Raines        $40/$35 6. Barna/Barna Sr.      $40/$35   In the Handicap division, Leslie and Brandon Bohn took home the title, Brandon also defended his title from last years event at Country Club.  The Bohn’s defeated Joshua Duthu and James Lorenzano 419-348, 3rd place was Justin and Parker Bohn, 4th Nathaniel and Donna Davy, 5th Kiersten and Richard Bateman, followed by Brianna and Erin Barna in 6th.  Scholarships and gift cards where also awarded as prizes to each bowler finishing in the top 6. 1. Bohn/Bohn $200/$100 2. Duthu/Lorenzano $100/$60 3. Bohn/Bohn III $50/$40 4. Davy/Davy $50/$40 5. Bateman/Bateman $35/$30 6. Barna/Barna $35/$30   Roger Harford Jr. had the lone honor score of the day, rolling a 298 game in the semi-finals