Dragovits Wins #2 and Haven Wins #1 at Chacko’s Bowl

Published on: November 21, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 17th season with a trip to the Cold Regions of PA.  For the first time in the year, the PJBT traveled to the cold northern city of Wilkes-Barre for a singles event at Chacko’s Family Bowl.  The event saw 42 PJBT bowlers come out for the event….we had 20 in Scratch and 22 in Handicap.

For Scratch, Zachary Dragovits captured his 2nd title of the season.  Dragovits had a tough route to victory.  He started qualifying by shooting games of 236, 210, 200, 234, and 211 for 1091 (+91).  These scores were good but not good enough to be at the top of the board….on a day where scores were high.  Dragovits was seeded 8th out of 10 bowlers making match play.  The first cut for 5 games was +77.  In Match Play, Dragovits made a run.  Dragovits shot 279, 212, and 256 to move up the leaderboard.  He stood in 4th place out of 5 entering the finals.  He trailed tournament leader Jacob Kerstetter, 2nd seed Daniel Althouse, and 3rd seed Bradley Crouse.  To win the title, Dragovits had to walk the entire stepladder final….and he did!  In Match 1, he took on #5 seed Layne Sandt.  Dragovits defeated Sandt 248-208.  In match 2, Dragovits took on Bradley Course.  Dragovits impressed the crowd with an 11 in a row 290 game!!  He defeated Crouse 290-190.  In the semi-final, Dragovits took on Daniel Althouse.  Again, Dragovits showed off how dialed in he was….shooting 247 and took down Althouse 247-216.  In the title match….it was Dragovits vs tournament leader Jacob Kerstetter.  This match went shot for shot but Dragovits outlasted Kerstetter 246-226 to take the title.  Dragovits won a $200 top prize and award from Crown Trophy.

In Handicap, Brendan Haven, of Ohio, captured his 1st PJBT title in his 1st ever event.  Haven, who was in town to visit family….heard about our events and thought they would give it a try.  Brendan entered with a 179 average and got 18 pins a game.  He shot qualifying scratch games of 188, 201, 182, 207, and 226.  Haven was seeded 5th out of 10 bowlers who made match play.   First cut was +10 or 1010.  In match play, Haven won 2 of 3 matches and propelled himself into the 2nd seed position entering the finals.  In the semi-final, Haven took on #4 seed Raymond Salwoski.  Salwoski had won his 1st 2 matches in the finals….entering the semi-final with Haven.  This match came down to the 10th frame….Salwoski needed to strike out to win.  He got the 1st strike but not the 2nd and the match ended.  Haven defeated Salwoski 191-183.  Haven then advanced into the title match vs tournament leader Anthony Remley.  This was an exciting match.  Remley had the lead and finished the match first.  With Handicap, Remley shot 238.  He forced Haven to get up and strike twice in the 10th to win.  Haven did!  He struck out and shot 245 to take the title 245-238.  Haven won a $200 top scholarship and awards from Crown Trophy.

On this day, we had some great HONOR SCORES!  Layne Sandt shot 300 during Game 1 of qualifying BUT was NOT in the 300 Pot.  Daniel Althouse shot 298 game during match play and posted a season-high 831 series in match play.  Zachary Dragovits also had an 11 in a row 290 during the finals in Scratch.  Congrats to all our award winners….but the 300 Pot still stands as we head to next week!