5 More Qualify for Junior Gold – Tally Up to 53 Bowlers

Published on: April 30, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT conducted its 9th Junior Gold Only Qualifier Tournament on Sunday, April 24th, at ABC West Lanes.  On this day, 30 athletes took to the lanes to win their spot into the Junior Gold National Championships Youth Event.  This event is held in July 2016, Indianapolis.

Based on the entries in each division….we qualified 3 bowlers for U20 and 2 for U15.  We didn’t have a U12 qualifier on this day.  In U20, we had 11 entries in each U20 Boys & Girls.  We decided to qualify the top bowler in each division individually and then the 3rd spot would go to the overall high score remaining of boys & girls.  In U15, we qualified the top boy and girl in their respective divisions.  Competition was conducted on the PBA Cheetah Pattern and it was tough!

In U20 Boys, Brandon Hillman captured the spot.  He shot 192, 127, 213, and 225.  Hillman turned it on with his last 2 games to shoot 757 or -43 and win the qualifier over the 2nd place finisher, his brother Brett.  Brandon won the qualifier by 57 pins.

In U20 Girls, Julie Bianco won her spot.  She had 1 big game that carried her block thru.  She shot 152, 178, 258, and 180 for 766 (-34) and won the qualifier by 62 pins.  The 3rd remaining spot overall also went to a girl!  Kelsey Hackbart finished 2nd in the qualifier and was high score of the overall remaining bowlers.  She shot 174, 164, 188, and 178 for 704 (-96).  Both earned their spots.

In U15 Boys, Riley Celmer got his sport.  He shot games of 166, 180, 173, and 167 to capture his entry into the national event.

In U15 Girls, Chloe Skurzynski won the qualifier.  She shot 170, 133, 176, and 166 for 645 (-155) and win the qualifier by 60 pins over 2nd place.

Congrats to all our qualifiers and now the PJBT has qualified 53 bowlers with 2 qualifying events for this year to go.