Reyes/Stidd & Lederer/Lederer Win Shootout Adult-Jr Event

Published on: November 27, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 18th season with a trip to Limerick Bowl in Limerick PA for our traditional November Adult-Junior event.  This event has become a tradition over the years….as we always have it on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  This year’s event was a shootout!  Scores were high and impressive.  We saw 70 teams (140 bowlers) take to the lanes for a major format event.  Qualifying was 6 games with the top 40% of teams bowling an additional 3 games of qualifying.  After 9 games, the top 4 teams bowled a 1 game winner-take-all head-to-head game for the title.  This event had 47 scratch teams and 23 handicap teams competing on the house pattern.

In Scratch, Antonio Reyes and Kurtis Stidd captured the win.  This win was Reyes’ first of the year….but Kurtis’ 2nd win of the year….as we won back-to-back weeks.  He won the doubles event last week at Parkway Lanes with Olivia Farwell.  Reyes and Stidd had a tough field to compete against.  Scores were high!  Reyes/Stidd shot games in Qualifying of 498, 500, 524, 532, and 383.  They were in the tournament lead after 6 games of qualifying.  The first cut for Scratch after 6 games was +214!  In Round 2, Reyes/Stidd shot fair games of 423, 436, and 437.  Surprisely, these games allowed some of the top teams to pass Reyes/Stidd.  They stood in 3rd place entering the 1 game final with the top 4 teams.  They were passed by tournament leaders Jesse Brown / Chris Fuller.  In addition, 2nd seed entering the finals was Dylan Zimmerman/Brent Himmelreich.  The final team to make the finals seeded 4th was Joey Ocello/Anthony Lopez.  In the livestream 1 game final….all 4 teams bowled and the high score was the winner.  The match came down to the 10th frame but Reyes/Stidd survived shooting 460.  Brown/Fuller finished 2nd shooting 430.  Zimmerman/Himmelreich got 3rd with a 411 and Ocello/Lopez got 4th with a 350.  With the title, Antonio Reyes won a $300 scholarship and glass bowling pin for his title.  Kurtis Stidd received a plaque and a $150 prize.

In Handicap, Aiden & Stanton Lederer won their 1st ever PJBT title.  Lederer’s entered the day with a 385 team average….they only received 13 pins handicap per game.  In qualifying, they shot scratch games of 429, 413, 451, 391, and 385.  This had the Lederer’s near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2.  The first 6 game cut was +25.  In Round 2, Lederer’s shot 391, 416, and 372.  These scores helped them sneak into the finals as the 4th seed of 4 teams.  The teams ahead of them included tournament leaders J Long/C Moyer.  2nd seeds were Corey Rinda/Dan Fitzgerald.  3rd seed was Chloe O’Donnell/Frank Miller.  In the livestream 1 game final….Stanton Lederer pulled out of the pack with a high scratch game in the final of 279!  His 279 combined with Aiden’s game and handicap gave them the title with a score of 463.  O’Donnell/Miller finished 2nd with 393, Rinda/Fitzgerald 3rd with 379, and Long/Moyer 4th with 351.  Aiden Lederer received a $300 scholarship top prize and glass bowling pin for a major title win.  Stanton Lederer won $150 prize and plaque for his victory.

All in all, we gave away over $2,600 in prizes on the day!

We also want to congratulate Darren Zombro Jr and TJ Trout.  They each bowled perfect 300 games on the day as adult bowlers.  We had no youth honor scores.