What A New Year! Neuer & Kinney Win New Year’s Eve Day Classic Event — Then Josh Proposes to Stacey!

Published on: January 7, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 18th Season with another traditional holiday classic tournament.  It was our New Years Eve Day Tournament at Strike Zone Alleys in Pottsville, PA.  This event is a traditional event we do every year on 12-31 no matter the day of the week.  It always kicks off a fun new year, as we run the event local to Matt’s home.  Center is only about 10 minutes from his house.  We then typically celebrate after with a New Years Eve Celebration Party to ring in the New Year.  This year was one to remember!

We had 59 bowlers come out to compete on the house condition pattern for this Singles Event.  We had 32 bowlers competing in Scratch and 27 in Handicap.  Format was our regular singles event of 5 games qualifying, top 40% advance to bowl 3 match play games.  At the completion of 8 games, the top 5 bowlers advanced to the stepladder final.

In Scratch, Alexis Neuer captured her 1st PJBT title of the year and 4th career title.  She bowled very well during qualifying…firing off 4 of 5 very good games.  She shot 258, 237, 224, 179, and 245 for 1143 (+143).  Despite bowling very well, she stood in 7th place entering the 2nd round of bowling.  The scores were high.  She trailed the leader Daniel Althouse by about 70 pins.  Daniel Althouse had captured the lead with his 5th game of qualifying…a perfect 300 game!  The perfect 300 game got him a $56 300 Pot Bonus.  14 bowlers advanced to Round 2 of the event and 14th place was +107.  Neuer made her run in match play.  She went 3-0 with some very good games.  This boosted her up the leaderboard and she was seeded 2nd entering the stepladder final.  She only trailed tournament leader Brandon Runk.  In the finals, Neuer entered in the semi-final stepladder match vs #3 Antonio Reyes.  In a close match, Neuer defeated Reyes 224-216.  This advanced her to the title match vs Runk.  Runk has loved Strike Zone Alleys.  He won this event in 2014, finished 2nd in 2015, and was guaranteed a 2nd place or better finish this year.  That didn’t stop Neuer.  She went toe-to-toe with Runk and shut him out late to take home the victory.  Neuer defeated Runk in the title match 238-195 to take home the $200 top scholarship prize and plaque for her title.

In Handicap, newcomer Mason Kinney captured his 1st PJBT title in just his first event.  Kinney entered the tournament with a 96 average and 93 pins handicap a game.  Kinney shot scratch games of 129, 134, 109, 143, and 143.  With his handicap, he stood at 1123 (+123).  He was seeded 5th after qualifying of 12 bowlers advancing to match play.  12th place cut was +63.  Kinney made his move in match play, going 3-0.  He jumped into the tournament lead entering the stepladder finals.  He finished 22 pins ahead of 2nd place Briar Riegel and 50 pins ahead of 3rd seed Liz Hunsicker.  In the title match, Kinney took on Riegel for the title.  This was another close match that came down to the 10th frame.  In the end, Kinney defeated Riegel 217-202 to take home the $200 top scholarship prize and plaque for his win.

Congrats to Daniel Althouse on his 300 and Anthony Mastroianni who shot an 11 in a row 299 Game also during qualifying.

Then the excitement continued OFF THE LANES!  At Matt’s New Year’s Eve Celebration…..tournament director Josh Sattazahn proposed to his girlfriend Stacey Salata of 5 and a half years!  Stacey has served as the PJBT Secretary for the last 2 years.  We wish them the best as they start their life together soon!  Another bowling wedding is on the horizon!!

Next PJBT Event will be our first event of the 2017 Calendar Year.  We will be holding a singles event at Hiester Lanes In Reading on Sunday, January 8th, 10:30am start time.