Andy Carson & Scott Denlinger Win Over/Under 45 Doubles Event at Berks Lanes

Published on: February 25, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The Adult Bowlers Tour continued its 5th Season with a trip to Berks Lanes for our annual Over Under 45 Doubles Event.  This event was exciting again this season with lots of side action and great matches to end the event.  FULL FIELD RUNDOWN PICTURE AND PAYOUTS ARE BELOW.  We had 28 teams or 56 bowlers competing on the Beijing Pattern for the event.

This year’s champions were Andy Carson and Scott Denlinger.  Carson and Denlinger were fairly consistent all day during the 6 game qualifying round.  They only had one bad game….but made up for it in Game 6 of qualifying.  They shot games of 402, 427, 387, then the bad game of 336, 391, and finished qualifying with a 502.  The 502 team game in Game 6 was the high individual doubles game of the day.  After 6 games, they stood at 2515 (+115) and were seeded 4th entering the finals.  The top 6 advanced to our nfl bracket format final.

Carson and Denlinger trailed tournament leaders Chris Absher/Brian Knauer by over 250 pins!  Absher/Knauer dominated qualifying shooting 2774 (+374).  They had a 224 pin lead on the field entering the finals.  It was them in 1st and everyone else jockeying for positions 2 thru 6.  The 2nd seed was George Tomlinson/Rick Graham.

In the finals, we began with the 3vs6 and 4vs5 matches.  Each match was 1 game, total pins, single elimination.  The top 2 seeds received a bye thru Round 1.  #6 seed Brad Kemp/James Mack defeated #3 seed Keith Poppiti/Mike Taylor 378-329.  In the 4/5 match, #4 seed Carson/Denlinger defeated #5 seed Anthony Pepe/Joe Scianna 438-430.  This match came down to the last shot.  Scianna needed to double to eliminate Carson/Denlinger.  He got a strike on the first shot but did not strike on his 2nd shot…allowing Carson/Denlinger to move on.

In Round 2 of the finals:  #1 seed Absher/Knauer took on #6 Kemp/Mack.  Other match was #2 Tomlinson/Graham vs #4 Carson/Denlinger.  Kemp/Mack stayed hot and defeated Absher/Knauer 463-394.  In the other match, Carson/Denlinger defeated Tomlinson/Graham 452-392.  In both matches, our top seeds went down and the title match was our #4 vs our #6 seeds.

The title match was Carson/Denlinger vs Kemp/Mack.  This was a great title match!  Both teams remained close until the late frames.  Entering the 10th frame, Kemp/Mack had the lead by about 20 pins.  Kemp started the 10th frame with a 3-6-9-10 leave.  He chopped the spare and that opened the door for Carson/Denlinger.  Carson finished out a tough 170 game but Denlinger needed to strike and get a good count to win.  They could not be shut out.  Denlinger struck – then left a 10 pin….nine spare and it was enough to win.  In a close title match, Carson/Denlinger defeated Kemp/Mack 406-402.  Carson/Denlinger won the $1500 Top Payout Prize.

Next Buddies Event is an ANY PERSON DOUBLES event on Sunday March 26 at ABC East Lanes, Harrisburg.  10am Start.