GIRL POWER Takes Home the Titles in Bracket Survivor Rolloff Tournament – Over $6,000 in Free Scholarships Awarded

Published on: May 31, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

** Full Field Results Under Story **

The PJBT began its 18th Postseason Events with one of the Most Exciting Events of the Year!  It was our 17th Annual Bracket Rolloff Survivor Tournament.  This event is a traditional event on Memorial Day Weekend for our bracket winners during the season.  To qualify for this event….a bowler only has to win a bracket during our regular season.  The more brackets you win the more guaranteed scholarship you win at the event.  This year’s event was conducted on Kegel Bourbon Street Pattern.  Each division had over 60 different bowlers competing for the title.

We also conducted sweeper tournaments while this event was going on.  Final results of Sweeper Tournaments are listed below.

This event awards a scholarship to EVERY BOWLER participating and there is NO ENTRY FEE to enter.  Bowlers can earn scholarships from $15 to our $500 Champions in each division.  The format is an eliminator style for each Round.  For the first 5 rounds of the tournament….bowlers compete against each other in a 2 game match.  The top half of the field advances to the next round….bottom half is out, single elimination.  Once we get to Round 6, bowlers bowl 2 games and the top 16 advance to our final head-to-head bracket matches.  Bracket goes from 16 bowlers to 8 to 4 to 2 to a winner.  The first two rounds of the bracket are 2 game matches…higher total pins advance…..the final 4 bowl 1 game matches to determine who advances.

This year’s event saw GIRL POWER take home the Bracket Titles!

In Scratch, Olivia Farwell captured her 1st ever MAJOR title with a victory on this day.  Farwell had a LONG road to victory but proved it can be done!  What makes this event so popular is that if you start in a low round….u have to bowl lots of games to make it to the top.  Farwell, unlike many past winners, started the event in Round 3.  This meant she needed to survive 3 eliminator rounds of 2 games, a top 16 2 game seeding, and 4 head-to-head matches to win.  She had to bowl a total of 14 games!  That is what she did!  In the Round 3 eliminator she shot 453 for 2 games and was the advancing cut spot (6th out of 11).  She advanced to Round 4 eliminator and shot a scratch high 502 in this eliminator.  She advanced to Round 5 eliminator and again won the eliminator in this round shooting 515 for 2 games.  This moved her to Round 6….she shot 467 for 2 games and seeded her 5th for the top 16 finals bracket.  In the Round of 16, Farwell defeated Andrew Lazarchick 428-366.  This propelled her into the Round of 8 to take on Ryan Graham.  In this match, Farwell shot 484 to Graham’s 412.  With the win, she moved into the Final Four match vs Eric Erb.  Farwell kept it going with 227 and defeated Erb, who shot 182.  This advanced Farwell into the title match (Her Game 14 of the day!) vs Joey Ciufo for the title.  This match will be remembered as our first time ever using instant replay….as Farwell took one shot where there was a question of whether she had a full rack of pins or not….so we went to replay to make sure we got it right.  In the end, nothing stopped Olivia.  She shot 227 and beat Ciufo, who had 183.  Farwell took home the $500 top prize and famous TALL TROPHY for the win.

In Handicap, Sarah Fenicle captured another major title to put on her resume.  Last year, she was the 2016 Handicap Invitational Champion.  This year, she wins the 2017 Handicap Bracket Title.  Fenicle’s road to victory was not as long as Farwell’s….but still impressive.  Fenicle started the event in Round 6, the maximum round start.  She shot 460 for 2 games and was the tournament leader entering the top 16 bracket.  The Handicap Division only had 14 bowlers remaining as of Round 6….so Fenicle received a bye thru the Round of 16 to the Round of 8.  Her semi-final match was against Ally McGinley.  Fenicle defeated McGinley 420-384.  This advanced her into the semi-final one game match vs MariBeth Baker.  This match came down the final shot….in the end, Fenicle squeaked out a victory over Baker 188-186.  This moved Fenicle into the title match vs #2 seed Corey Rinda.  Fenicle got off to a strong start and never looked back.  Fenicle defeated Rinda in the title match 217-172 to win the title.  Sarah Fenicle received a $500 scholarship and her BIG TROPHY for the victory.

In all, we gave out over $6,000 in prizes.  Some bowlers elected to use the money toward other events, including PJBT Masters, BEST, and DV8 Shootout before Junior Gold.  Website will have updated scholarship winnings and Masters/Best Credits.

The STAGE IS SET for CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND — JUNE 2, 3, AND 4 — LIMERICK BOWL is our host for the Pro Skins / Pro-Am Bowl with the Pros / Adult Junior Event & Skins / Invitational Championship Tournament.  Don’t miss any of the action at Limerick Bowl this weekend.

Sweeper Tournament Results:

Scratch Singles
Christian Francis 768 $87
Ryan Mitskavich 729 $50
Dale Brown 686 $30
Alex Glinski 674 $25

Handicap singles
Maribeth Baker 661 $64
Joshua Honish 610 $32

Scratch doubles
Lazarchick/Kennedy 1309 $36/$36

Handicap doubles
Wintermyer/Vaughn 1012 $12/$12

Adult Jr scratch
Althouse/Brown 1372 $60/$60

Adult Jr handicap
Davy/Davy 1266 $100
Sass/Sass 1256 $44