Celmer Wins Coveted 23rd Career PJBT Title and 6th of Year — Colon Wins 2nd Title and 1st Major in All-New PJBT Event

Published on: May 23, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT finished off its 19th Regular Season with our newest most unique event.  For the first time in PJBT history….we held an overnight event!  This event started at 2am on Sunday and completed early Sunday Morning.  In addition, the event was a super match play event.  This format was a first for our tour.  Every game….every bowler bowled against each other in match play format.  Every bowler you beat earned a bowler a bonus of 10 pins per bowler.  For example, if there is 34 bowlers and you bowl the high game you get 330 pins bonus for beating 33 bowlers.  This format created a unique scoring system.

This first event saw 71 competitors take to the lanes….34 in Scratch and 37 in Handicap.  Format was 8 games of super match play.  After 8, the top 16 bowlers advanced to the bracket.  Matches consisted of 1 or 2 games.  Higher seed wins 1 game to advance or lower seed had to win 2 games to advance.  Bracket went from 16 to 8 to livestream.  Remaining 4 bowled off 1 game semi-final matches and winners bowled each other to the title.

This day saw records get set and amazing bowling competition.  The event was conducted on a special Leisure Lanes shot #2 created by the center for the event.  At the end of the late night….we had one bowler roll not 1 BUT 3 PERFECT GAMES during qualifying.  Total, we had 4 perfect 300 games bowled.  We also had a match play game TIE AT 290 FOR EACH BOWLER.  In the end…Jack Celmer earned title #23!

In Scratch, Jack Celmer ended his regular season with his 23rd career PJBT title.  It was Jack’s 6th title on the year and he is not just one title behind his older brother, Travis, for the all-time PJBT record for titles.  Celmer was near the top of the leaderboard all day.  He never could get the lead though because he trailed leader Anthony Neuer.  Neuer set an all-time PJBT record with 3 Perfect 300 Games during competition.  Game 2, 6, and 8 of qualifying were his perfection games.  Despite having a big scratch lead….Celmer hung in there and was the #4 seed after qualifying.  Jack shot games of 263, 244, 238, 189, 206, 255, 280, and 195.  The 16th place cut for 8 games with bonus pins was 3051.  We actually had a tie broken by a rolloff.  In the bracket final, #4 Celmer took on #13 Dylan Zimmerman in Round of 16.  Celmer was higher seed and only needed to win 1 game to advance.  Celmer made sure Zimmerman was shut out….as Celmer shot 278 to his 213.  In the Round of 8, Celmer took on #5 Aaron Bey.  Again, he only needed one game to advance.  Celmer defeated Bey 249-222.  This advanced Celmer to the livestreaming semi-final match.  He took on #7 seed Isaac Erickson.  In a close match, Celmer squeaked out a victory over Erickson 214-206.  This advanced him to the title match to take on #6 seed Alexis Neuer.  Celmer shot 243 and won easily 243-182.  The win gave Celmer his 23rd career PJBT and his 6th of the season….his 2nd major.  The win in this special event gave him a $400 top prize and glass bowling pin for his win.

In Handicap, Guilietta Colon captured her 2nd PJBT title in winning our final regular season major.  Colon entered the event with an 89 entering average and 100 pins handicap per game.  Colon shot 3540 point total for 8 games and was seeded 5th after qualifying.  16th place first cut for bracket final was 3116.  She began the bracket final with a match vs #12 seed Shania Jennings.  Colon only needed to win 1 game of 2 to advance.  This match went 2 games.  Colon lost game one match to Jennings 213-179.  So their match went to a 2nd deciding game.  In the 2nd game, Colon shot 218 and beat Jennings, who had 201.  This advanced her into the Round of 8 vs #4 seed Haley Brown.  Being Colon was the lower seed….she had to win 2 games consecutive to advance.  That is what she did!  She won Game 1 202-167 and in Game 2 shot 248 to Haley’s 232.  The 2 game win moved Colon into the livestreaming finals.  In her semi-final match, she took on #2 seed Drew Jaquith.  In a close match, Colon defeated Jaquith 228-206.  This advanced her to the title match vs #3 seed Jonathan Pollison.  Colon shot 149 scratch/214 with handicap in the title match to defeat Pollison 214-177.  Colon’s win earned her a $450 top prize scholarship and awards from Crown Trophy.

In all, we gave out over $3,500 in scholarships at this event.  We want to thank Apparel EFX for sponsoring the event.  All top 16 bowlers in each division earned a scholarship and we paid out lots of sidepot action with scholarship.

That concludes the 19th PJBT regular season.  Next event begins our postseason.  Sunday May 27 is our 18th Annual Bracket Rolloff Survivor Tournament.  All bracket winners get to compete in a free event at Colony Park Lanes North in York starting at 10:30am for Round 1 Bowlers.  The next 4 weeks are all exciting events!  Don’t miss them!