Bennett/Celmer & Stackewicz x2 Win First Adult-Jr of Year

Published on: October 14, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 20th Anniversary Season with a trip to Northern PA for our first Adult Junior of the Season.  The tour traveled to Wilkes-Barre PA for our one and only visit of the season at Chacko’s Family Bowling Center.  This event was our popular Adult Junior events.

This year’s event saw 63 teams – 126 Bowlers come out for a full house adult junior event.  We had 29 scratch teams and 34 handicap teams.  The format was 5 games / top 40% of teams bowl 3 additional games.  The top 4 teams advanced to our elimination finals round.  Each round of the finals saw the low team eliminated.  We went from 4 teams to 3 to 2 to a winner.

In Scratch, the PJBT History Books came alive!  Kolby Bennett & Jack Celmer brought home the victory.  For Kolby, it was his 5th career PJBT title but for Jack Celmer….it was his 24th PJBT title….tying his older brother Travis….for the most titles in PJBT history. Bennett/Celmer qualified in 1st place after 5 games.  They started with a bang…shooting 509 Game 1.  Kolby shot a perfect 300 game and won a $185 scholarship bonus!  They followed the opening game with 454, 417, 513, and 471.  The first round cut for 12th place was +205.  In Round 2, Bennett/Celmer shot solid games of 480, 446, and 461….but were bypassed by Isaac Erickson/Neal Vital.  They were seeded 2nd entering the finals.  Eliminator Final 1 saw Bennett/Celmer shoot 473 and finished 2nd of 4 teams to advance.  In the 2nd Eliminator Final, Bennett/Celmer shot the high team game of 453.  This advanced them to the title match vs #3 seed Alex Horton/Brent Himmelreich.  This match came down to the final frame.  Bennett & Celmer both needed to double in the 10th to win….and they did!  Bennett/Celmer defeated Horton/Himmelreich 468-461 to win.  Bennett won a $250 scholarship for the win while Jack Celmer earned a $160 cash prize.

In Handicap, Allison & James Stackewicz captured the victory.  The Stackewicz’s entered the event with a team average of 321 and 71 pins handicap.  They shot qualifying scratch games of 337, 343, 361, 336, and 387.  This put Team Stackewicz near the top of the leaderboard.  The first round cut for 14th place was -15.  Team Stackewicz took the #3 seed in the standings after Round 2.  They shot games of 341, 304, and 386.  After 8 games, they were the #3 seed team of 4 entering the finals.  In the first eliminator final….Team Stackewicz shot the 2nd highest game of 4 teams with 387.  This advanced them to the 2nd eliminator final….where they finished 2nd again of 3 teams with a score of 390.  This 2nd eliminator they advanced by just 2 pins.  That set up the title match of #3 Team Stackewicz vs #4 seed Team Piccillo of Vincenzo & Joseph.  Team Stackewicz defeated Team Piccillo 411-386 to win the event.  Allison received a $250 scholarship and her dad, James, received a $160 cash payout for the victory.

Kolby Bennett shot 300 and won the 300 pot of $185.  We also had an honor score from Gene Blair, who rolled an 11 in a row 298 game during Round 2 of qualifying.

The PJBT’s next event is Sunday, October 14th, 2018….our 3rd MAJOR event of the season at ABC North Lanes in Harrisburg, PA.  10:30am Start for the event.  PJBT will be off weekend of Oct 6-7 for the 2018 Danny Wiseman Scholarship Tournament.