Manetta & Logan are Victorious in Return to Cain’s Lanes

Published on: March 9, 2019 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

After a 17-year hiatus, the PJBT returned to Cain’s Lanes in Manheim, Lancaster County. 33 young ladies traveled from four states to the 4th all-girls event.

Hannah Manetta of Long Island made her trip worth it, rolling 300 in qualifying, and ultimately winning her first title. She shot 236 and 247, then took the lead for good with 300, 195, and 226. Cut was minus 26. Manetta won all three of her matches, with 236, 255, and 214, for plus 399. In stepladders, #5 Morgan Gitlitz defeated #4 Ashley Sham, 194-187, but lost to #3 Jenna Lehrer, 222-191. Lehrer won the semifinal over #2 Charlize Wanner, 203-189. In the final, Manetta struck the last six-in-a-row to defeat Lehrer, 240-192. Manetta won over $350 in scholarships on the day.

Johanna Logan won her second straight in handicap. She qualified second, rolling 94, 125, 93, 135, and 165. Paired with 99 pins per game, she was plus 107. Cut was minus 8. She won all three matches, with 122, 121, and 107, to take the lead at plus 244. In stepladders, #4 Haven Harrington beat #5 Breanna Hood, 183-175, but lost to #3 Madelyn Weston, 183-181. #2 Sarah Fenicle beat Weston in the semifinal, 222-174. In the final, Logan was victorious over Fenicle, 127-103.

The final regular season all-girls event has been moved to Haja Rose Bowl in Allentown. Date and time stay the same, April 6th, 2019, at 2:30PM. After this event, the top 16 girls in each division advance to the series final at Pure It Training Center in Ephrata on the first Saturday in May.