Season #25 – Event #G8 – Singles Girls Only @ Strike Zone Lanes, Sunbury PA

Published on: February 1, 2023 | Event Types: , ,
Estimated Top Prize of $250 Scholarship in Each Division
2 Divisions – Scratch & Handicap
Entry Fee: $42 PJBT Members / $47 Non-Members / $50 Walk-In Entries

This event will follow our regular season format with 5 games of qualifying for all bowlers.  The top 40% of each division will advance to the Elimination Round.  After 1-2 games of elimination, the top “so many announced bowlers” will advance to our finals.

** For Handicap Bowlers, please input your highest finishing league average for 2022-2023 Season with 21 Games.  Winter or Summer.  If your average this year with 21 games is higher than last year, that average is used.  PJBT is only used if higher than all averages with 16 games. **

Format:  5 Games of Qualifying for all competitors.  The top 40% in each division will advance to Round 2.  Round 2 is the eliminator round.  Scores from the qualifying round is carried forward.  At the completion of the eliminator round, the top bowlers in each division will advance to the finals.


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