Season #25 – Event #21 – SCOTCH DOUBLES Event @ Strike Zone Alleys

Published on: February 3, 2023 | Event Types: ,
Any bowlers under the Age of 21 as of 8/1/23 can compete in this event…youth or adult sanctioned.

This event is our second of its kind for the PJBT.   This is our typical doubles event with a twist!!

Our doubles events allow any two eligible PJBT Bowlers to team up and bowl together.  For this event, they will alternate shots every single shot.  This includes the 10th frame and all balls thrown in competition.

Minimum Top Prizes: At Least $400 Scholarship in each Division ($200 per bowler). Payouts Usually More Based on Entries.
Entry Fee: $84 Per Team / $42 Per Bowler if at least $20 Deposit or more is Paid 1 Week in Advance of the Event. Within 6 Days of the Event, entry is $94 Team / $47 a bowler.
** PJBT Membership does not apply to these events **


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