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With the start of the 2014-2015 season, the Pennsylvania Junior Bowlers Tournament and almost every large tournament group in the country has elected not to have their events USBC-certified. The USBC now requires that all certified events deposit their scholarship money with them. This would cost the PJBT MAPS Progam a huge amount of interest, based on the USBC’s “administrative fees” and their investing practices. The PJBT would lose the thousands of extra dollars from our MAPS Portal to re-invest in additional youth events.

There have been some FALSE RUMORS circulating that bowling in the PJBT would make you ineligible for USBC-certified events or for college bowling. This, of course, is NOT TRUE. As long as we do not break any of their eligibility rules (which we won’t), this will not happen. Almost all high school leagues and tournaments throughout the country are not certified and there are many uncertified leagues and tournaments. THIS BREAKS NO RULES; YOU ARE IN NO JEOPARDY!

The people spreading these rumors are uneducated in the rules of junior bowling. We have been running the PJBT for almost 20 years and would never jeopardize our bowlers in any way. If anyone has any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact us at or (570) 294-8358. This invitation is also extended to those people who are spreading these rumors….give us a call and we’ll clear up whatever has confused you.

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO YOUR FELLOW BOWLERS. We do not want them to miss out on bowling in PJBT tournaments because they have been given incorrect information by misguided individuals who do not understand the rules.