America's Original 21 & Under Tournament Series

The 21st Annual Bracket Rolloff Survivor Tournament & Sweeper Event

Posted on: April 23rd, 2022 by Matt Himmelreich

This Event is the Start of our Postseason Events.  This event is our FREE bowling tournament in which we give away all the bracket money of the Year.   This event every year gives away around $10,000 in Scholarships!

** Bowlers qualify for this event by winning a Bracket or multiple brackets in PJBT Events **

** This is also an event you do NOT have to sign up for online.  Just show up at times noted below. **  Bowlers report to center for event based on the Round you enter the tournament.  Report Times are as follows:

Round 1 Bowlers Start 10:30
Round 2 Bowlers Start 11:30
Round 3 Bowlers Start 12:30
Round 4 Bowlers Start 1:30
Round 5 Bowlers Start 2:30
Round 6 Bowlers Start 3:30

Format:  Round 1 Bowlers draw for a lane.  They bowl 2 games in the round eliminator style.  After 2 games, the top 50% of the bowlers advance to Round 2.  Bowlers who are eliminated get a scholarship.  EVERYONE wins a scholarship. Payouts are as follows:

Round 1 Bowlers Eliminated $15
Round 2 Bowlers Eliminated $25
Round 3 Bowlers Eliminated $35
Round 4 Bowlers Eliminated $50
Round 5 Bowlers Eliminated $75
Round 6 Bowlers Eliminated $100
Round of 16 Bowlers Eliminated $125
Round of 8 Bowlers Eliminated $150
3rd – 4th Place $200 Each
2nd Place $300
1st Place $500

** All Events will be held at Colony Park Lanes North, York, PA **

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Event Information

Event Date/Time: 05-29-2022 @ 10:30am

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