Rhyme and reason at jordan

Published on: December 25, 2013 | Categories: Headliners

Twas the Sunday before Christmas and all through the house,   bowling creatures were stirring, including “The Mouse” (Bradley Crouse).     Melting snow and 70-degree temps caused thick fog layers   that made driving tough for all 79 players.   Despite the difficult going, we all had fun…   It was appropriate that the pattern this foggy day was London.   A big thank you to Our Family’s Pro Shop, our sponsor this day.    Thanks to their generosity, to the top seven, in scholarships, we did pay.   In the scratch division at Jordan Lanes,   Second was the Mouse, to the champ Brian Gaines.   Winning 254-195, Gaines was excited a trifle   In earning a $200 scholarship and his third PJBT title.   The handicap division had a big turnaround,   For one of the finalists didn’t have the right average down.   The decision was made without much rhymin’   To award the title to Bryanna Leyen.   Her second career title wasn’t done in a hurry   For this was her first tournament coming back from injury.   A $200 scholarship is her first prize   As once again, in handicap, a lady beats the guys.   Warm greetings from the families of Matt and Travis…     We wish you a very Merry and relaxing Christmas.