The old and the young at roto grip open

Published on: January 4, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

Snow delayed the start of the annual Our Family’s Pro Shop Roto Grip Open at Playdrome Rose Bowl.  When the long day and night wrapped up, 148 entries whittled down to one of the youngest and one of the oldest winning. Devin Golden finally won his first PJBT title, defeating 92 others.  He averaged 221 for 11 games, and defeated Jackie Carbonetto in the final, 236-215.  He won the $300 top scholarship prize. Joseph Agnello’s first PJBT event was a victory.  He defeated Billy Kiscadden, 191-171, in the final.  He averaged 97 for 11 games, over 20 pins higher than his league average. Sarah Kirch and Andrew Behrens earned entries to 2014 Junior Gold in Buffalo.