Barna, Goddard survive bracket rolloff

Published on: June 11, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

The PJBT’s longest day of the year is always the Bracket Survivor Tournament.  Bowlers who won at least one bracket during the regular season earned the chance to bowl for free and win up to $500 in scholarships. Both Tom Barna Jr and Ryan Goddard entered at the top level, round six.   In scratch, Barna built a 27-pin lead on Brian Kennedy after game one.  He kept Kennedy at arms-length during game two, for a 35-pin victory. In the handicap final, Goddard jumped out to a 75-pin lead of Brandon Yula, and cruised from there. Both Barna and Kennedy earned a $500 scholarship for the victory. The 14th annual Bracket Survivor distributed over $7,000 in scholarships and prizes.