Daniel Althouse & Bethany Jaquith Win 1st Major Titles of Season 21

Published on: September 8, 2019 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 21st Season with our First Major Singles Event of the season.  This event was held at 222 Dutch Lanes in Ephrata, PA.  For a rare year, Dutch Lanes did not host our opening event due to bowling center renovations.  But the wait was worth it!  A newly remodeled center hosted 87 bowlers for our first Major.  We had 50 in Scratch and 37 in Handicap.  Format for the major was 6 games qualifying, top 40% compete in three additional games of match play….with top 4 advancing to the livestreaming bracket final.  Event was conducted on a tough created Kegel numbered pattern from our website.

In Scratch, Daniel Althouse captured his 11th PJBT title and 3rd Major Title of his career.  In qualifying, Althouse had a rough start that turned around on a tough pattern.  He started with 134 but shot respectable games after of 192, 172, 215, 197, and 187.  Althouse was -103 and in 6th place out of 50 after qualifying.  1st round 20th place cut was -179 for 6 games!  In match play, Althouse made his move.  He shot all decent games and won 3 of 3 matches.  He moved from 6th to 2nd place entering the finals.  He only trailed tournament leader Troy Owens.  The finals bracket was 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3.  Althouse began the finals with a semi-final match vs #3 seed Mason Doan.  Althouse defeated Doan 236-199.  This advanced him into the finals vs Troy Owens.  He won his match over #4 seed Jordan Schell 205-167.  In the title match, Althouse outlasted Owens 200-188 for the win.  Althouse won a glass bowling pin trophy and $300 Scholarship for the win.

In Handicap, Bethany Jaquith captured the victory in a field of 37.  Jaquith entered the event with a 129 average and 63 pins handicap per game.  She shot scratch games of 115, 123, 88, 159, 127, and 146 to put her at 1136 (-64) for 6 games.  She was seeded 7th after qualifying.  The first cut, 16th place, was -136 for 6 games.  Bethany won 2 of her 3 matches in match play and boosted herself to -18 for 9 games and the 3rd seed position.  In the finals, she began by taking on #2 seed Giulietta Colon.  Jaquith won this match 171-126.  This advanced her to the title match to take on #4 seed CJ Laubach.  Laubach defeated #1 seed Connor Freiwald in the semis 142-121.  Jaquith outlasted Laubach 135-116 to win.  Jaquith’s victory earned her a glass bowling pin and $300 scholarship.

Congrats also to Maribeth Baker (In Handicap) and Chloe Skurzynski for earning our scratch series Women Bonus Scholarships!  Baker was the highest girl in the event scratch for qualifying with 1175, more than all but one scratch bowler!  For the entire event, we gave away over $2000 in scholarships and prizes.

Next Event:  Sunday, September 15th is our 2nd Singles Major of the Year at Leisure Lanes, Lancaster, PA.  Event open to all bowlers Under Age of 21 as of 8/1/2019.  Extra Payouts at Majors & Top Girls Payouts Guaranteed!  Sign up Online Now!