Full Saturday schedule yields seven big winners

Published on: June 11, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

Championship Saturday began with our 13th annual No-Tap Pro-Am.  23 professional competitors joined our 100+ bowlers. The big winner was Zack Dragovits.  His 297, 300, and 300 for 897 was good enough for a $250 scholarship.  Jonathan Pleger shot a real 300 in game one, as well as several pros. The Parker Bohn III Adult/Junior Skins yielded repeat champions.  Bradley Crouse & Adam Baer teamed to finish both 1st and 5th.  Christina Keller & Tina Bortz won the handicap dvivision.  Brian Gaines shot 300 in qualifying. The top five scratch and top three handicap teams advanced to join Parker in the skins match.  Eric Metz outlasted all the youth bowlers, and won a $500 scholarship. Joe Paluszek was perfect in the adult skins, striking 11 straight times to clinch the $480 prize.  He was given the chance for a 12th strike and a 300.  He struck, and now Matt has to wear a pair of Joe’s Loudmouth Pants for 2015 Championship Saturday. Special thanks to Mortgage America, Brunswick, and BowlerX for sponsoring the day’s events.