Celmer and Zombro take home 1st place at Bowl-O-Rama

Published on: September 14, 2014 | Categories: Headliners

Event #5 featured the 8 game marathon at Bowl-O-Rama hosted by Track bowling.  We had 31 scratch and 33 handicap bowlers come out for a nice 64 player field.   After finishing 2nd at last years 8 game marathon, Jack Celmer came back to win his 13th PJBT title, defeating Austin Kerper 495-402 in the championship match.  Jack earned a $200 scholarship for the win and Austin a $100 scholarship.  Brian Devine and Chris DiPaola finished 3rd and 4th each earning $60, followed by Michael Martell, Alex Glinski, Bradley Crouse, and Austin Chubb roundng out the top 8 that qualified for the bracket final and earning a $30 scholarship. Darren Zombro III won his first career PJBT title by defeating Isaac Erickson 472-418 in the championship match.  Darren earned a $200 scholarship for the win, Isaac won a $100 scholarship finishing 2nd.  Drew Jaquith and Christian Martin earned $60 for there 3rd and 4th place finishes.  Kolby Bennett, Bailey Fisher, Tony Lutz and Christine Haines earned $30 scholarships finishing in spots 5-8.   Austin Kerper had the only honor score of the day shooting 299 in game 3!!