Zimmerman / Barna / Neuer / Burkert & Jaquith Qualify for 2015 Junior Gold

Published on: January 23, 2015 | Categories: Headliners

The 5th Junior Gold Only Qualifier Tournament took place on Saturday, January 17th, 2015, at ABC East Lanes in Harrisburg.

We saw a total of 29 bowlers take on the WTBA Atlanta Pattern in a battle to qualify for the USBC National Junior Event….the Junior Gold National Championships.  This event is being held in Chicago in July 2015.

The format for our events is 4 Games of Qualifying.  The results are final after 4 Games.  The top bowlers advance to Junior Gold.  No scholarships are offered in this event….just spots to Nationals.

In the U20 Boys Division, Dylan Zimmerman captured the spot with a 4 Game total of 787 or -13.  Zimmerman shot 212-198-202-175 to win.

In the U20 Girls Division, Briana Barna took the spot in the last game.  She shot 213-189-188 in the first 3 games but shot a scratch 242 in Game 4 to win.  Barna shot 832 or +32.

In the U15 Boys Division, defending U12 National Champion, Anthony Neuer, got his qualifying spot.  Neuer shot 214-171-184-179 for 748 or -52.  He beat the field in his division by over 80 pins.

In the U15 Girls Division, Madison Burkert got her qualifying spot.  She shot 170-138-153-169 for 630 or -170.  She outlasted the 2nd place girl by just 17 pins.

In the U12 Overall Division, Drew Jaquith captured his qualifying spot.  Jaquith shot 130-176-174-134 for 614 or -186.  He defeated the 2nd place bowler by just 22 pins.

With these 5 bowlers qualifying for Junior Gold, the PJBT has qualified 17 bowlers to attend Junior Gold 2015.  We have 3 more qualifying events….including Saturday January 31st as our next event….at 2:30pm at 222 Dutch Lanes.  If you haven’t qualified yet for Junior Gold….time is running out.  Come on out and win your spot.

All bowlers who qualify for Junior Gold receive a complimentary bowling shirt from our sponsor, Weikel Sportswear, and a chance to receive a shirt from High 5 Gear.