Ostrander Dominates BuddiesProShop.com Adult Event at Hanover

Published on: January 17, 2015 | Categories: Headliners

Our 6th BuddiesProShop.com Adult Bowlerst Tour Event of the season took place at Hanover Bowling Center on Sunday, January 11th.  48 Adult Bowlers came out and took on the WTBA Atlanta Pattern for this singles event.  This event was great because we continue to try to draw in all adult bowlers from the Regional PBA Tour, to our local senior bowlers….to your everyday house bowler.  This event saw a record 13 senior bowlers in our event (over age 45).  We paid out the top 9 finishers on this day and the top Over 45 Bowler received a $120 cash bonus!

The format for this singles Adult event was 6 Games of Qualifying.  The top 5 advanced to a stepladder final, while every 1:5 got paid out in the prize list.  On this day, we also paid a bonus to the top OVER 45 bowler.

Our Winner was Greg Ostrander of New Jersey.  Ostrander, a Brunswick ball staffer, dominated the event for the day.  Ostrander got off to a hot start with a 256 game in Game 1 of the 6 Game Qualifier.  He followed it up with 236 and 181.  Game 4 was the game he checked out from the rest of the field.  Ostrander shot 289 in Game 4….and followed it up with 214 and 267.  After 6, Ostrander stood at +243 or 1443.  He led the field by over 60 pins.  With his bigger games, he captured 1 High Game Pot and 2 Runner Up High Game Pots.

The finals saw Greg Ostrander tournament leader….Brian Cavey seeded 2nd….Rich Jerome seeded 3rd….Scott Denlinger 4th….and Joe (Pants) Paluszek in 5th.

Match 1 – Joe Paluszek defeated Scott Denlinger 257-217        Denlinger finished 5th receiving $150

Match 2 – Rich Jerome defeated Joe Paluszek 237-221      Paluszek finished 4th receiving $220

Match 3 – Brian Cavey defeated Rich Jerome  211-205      Jerome finished 3rd receiving $250

Match 4 – Ostrander defeated Brian Cavey 259-215      Cavey finished 2nd receiving $500 and Ostrander received the $1000 top prize.

In the title match, Ostrander jumped out to a quick 5 strikes in a row and never looked back.  Ostrander captured the top prize but Cavey also did well on the day….winning the most sidepot money of any bowler…taking home $992 in sidepots.

Additional cashers in the event were Chris Absher (6th) for $100, Jeremy Elder (7th) for $80, Kerry Smith (8th) for $70, and Travis Celmer (9th) for $60.

Thanks to all you came out and we will see you in February for the Over/Under 45 Doubles Event on Feb 15 at Berks Lanes!