Limerick Bowl & Midd-West High Capture Doubles Titles at Trindle

Published on: February 1, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 16th season with our 2nd 21 & Under Doubles Event of the season.  This event is a doubles event made up of any combination of bowlers who are 21 years of age or younger.  On this day, we had 65 doubles teams or 130 bowlers take on the lanes.  This event saw 21 doubles teams compete in scratch and 44 doubles teams in Handicap.

In Scratch, the team of Charles Kollar & Alex Glinski of Limerick Bowl took home the title.  Kollar & Glinski bowled well during the 5 game qualifying round.  They shot doubles games of 426, 460, 518, 463, and 416.  After 5 games, Kollar & Glinski were in a tie for the lead with Alexis Neuer & Anthony Leon.  The top 8 teams advanced to Round 2…which was 3 additional games of qualifying.  Kollar & Glinski shot 451, 492, and 402 to take the tournament lead at +428.  In the baker format title match, Kollar & Glinski took on streaking bowlers Jason Waltman & Ethan Resh.  Walton/Resh entered the final match by winning the first 3 stepladder matches.  Kollar & Glinski got off to a quick start and never looked back.  Kollar & Glinski defeated Waltman/Resh 238-190 to take home the title and the $400 top prize for the team.

In Handicap, it was the Midd-West High School domination show!  All 4 of our finalist bowlers were from Midd-West High School.  This final was classic!  The title went to Andrew Reigle & Collin Roush.  Reigle/Roush shot 434, 409, 516, 419, and 448 during qualifying.  This put them near the top of the leaderboard.  The top 18 teams advanced to Round 2.  In this round, Reigle/Roush shot 458, 442, and 447 and moved up to 2nd place entering the finals.  Reigle/Roush only trailed tournament leaders Kanton Kehley/Nash Kerstetter.  Kehley & Kerstetter are bowlers also from Midd-West High School.  In the semi-final match, Reigle/Roush took on Tommy Blair & Brandon Miller.  Reigle/Roush defeated Blair/Miller 221-160.   Reigle/Roush advanced to take on Kehley/Kerstetter in the title match.  The match was shot for shot.  In the final frame, Kehley/Kerstetter needed to convert a spare to win by 1 pin.  They chopped the spare leaving 1 pin and forcing a TIE at 226.  The 226-226 tie forced us into a 2-frame rolloff for the title.  Reigle/Roush struck in the 9th and first ball of the 10th frame to lock it up.  They won the 2 frame rolloff 58-37…. giving Reigle/Roush the title and the $500 top prize.

This event saw the PJBT give out over $2200 in scholarship.   Congrats to Scott Beckey for his 11 in a row 279 game & Alex Glinski who shot an 11 in a row 290 during qualifying.  Despite these great games, the 300 pot was not hit and now stands at a record $259 entering next week.