Farwell Becomes First Women to Win a PJBT in Scratch Since 2011 in Epic Final Match while Camaron Smee Captures His 1st PJBT Title

Published on: November 1, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 17th season with a regular season singles event at Suburban Bowlerama in York, PA.  This event saw 78 bowlers take on the lanes.  We had 41 bowlers in Scratch and 37 in Handicap.

In Scratch, Olivia Farwell made PJBT history.  She became the first female scratch bowler to win a title since Kayla Jones did it in 2011.  Her final match for the title was EPIC.  First off, she qualified 3rd after 5 games….shooting 1200 or +200.  The top 16 advanced after qualifying….cut was +99.  She advanced her position up to 2nd place in match play.  She only trailed tournament leader Zachary Dragovits.  In the stepladder finals, she took on Dylan Zimmerman in the semi-final match.  She defeated Zimmerman 243-197.  This set up the EPIC title match with Zachary Dragovits.  Both bowlers were on and the strikes were flowing!  Both bowlers started the final match with the front 4 frames of strikes.  In Frame 5, Farwell stones an 8 pin.  She spares and continues to strike….putting her on a pace to shoot 279.  Meanwhile, Dragovits left her no room for error.  He had the front 9 for strikes and had a perfect game heading into the 10th frame.  He had a perfect game possibility and Farwell could shot 279….so there was still no room for error.  Dragovits left the 4-7 spare on the first ball of the 10th frame….ending his perfect game.  He spared and got a 9 count fill ball to shoot 277.  Farwell now knew she needed to get 2 strikes and 9 pins to win.  In the clutch, Farwell went up – got 1 – got 2 – and got 3…all 3 strikes for 279 and the title.  Farwell defeated tough luck Dragovits 279-277 in the title match.  Farwell won the top prize of $200 scholarship and our awards from Crown Trophy.

In Handicap, Camaron Smee became the 10th different winner in Handicap this season.    Smee had an entering average of 105 for the tournament.  He shot 625 scratch for 5 games of qualifying and was at 1050 or +50.  Smee sat in 9th place of 16 bowlers who advanced.  Cut was +9.  Smee made a major run in match play.  He bowled some great games and won his matches.  This jet fueled him into the lead of the event entering the finals.  In the title match, Smee got off to a hot start and bowled a record scratch game for him.  This helped him to defeat #2 seed Tony Lutz with ease.  Smee defeated Lutz in the title match 266-190.  Smee won the top $200 scholarship prize and awards from Crown Trophy.

Also, Congrats to Jack Celmer who shot 299 during Match Play.  With no perfect game, our 300 Pot at $197 carries over to next week.