Tyler Snyder & Shania Jennings Victorious at Mountainville Bowl

Published on: January 30, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued it’s 17th season with a visit to Mountainville Bowling Center in Allentown, PA.  This event takes our youth back to the old-school days of bowling….as the center has the unique old style wood lanes.  Always an awesome and unique experience for bowlers….as they try to match up today’s aggressive equipment with the wood lanes.

Our event this year saw 53 bowlers take to the lanes….we had 26 bowlers competing in Scratch and 27 in Handicap.  The lane condition was house shot for the event.

In Scratch, left-handed southpaw, Tyler Snyder, captured his first ever PJBT title.  Tyler shot qualifying games of 225, 217, 213, 256, 210 for an 1121 5-Game Series (+121).  Snyder was sitting in 5th place after qualifying.  He trailed 5-Game Tournament leader Alex Glinski by 90 pins.  The top 10 advancing cut for Scratch was +55.  In Match play, Snyder made his move winning all 3 match play games and shooting some high scores.  This propelled Snyder into 3rd place on the leaderboard as we entered the 5 bowler stepladder final.  Snyder only trailed tournament leader Bradley Crouse and 2nd seed Alex Glinski.  Snyder entered the finals in Match 2 vs 5th seed Nick Rynes.  Rynes had won the first stepladder match 239-191 over #4 seed Jacob Kerstetter.  This match was shot for shot, strike for strike.  In the end, Snyder outlasted Rynes 248-239 to advance.  In the semi-final, Snyder took on Alex Glinski.  This match was the opposite of the last one.  It was a survivor of the fittest.  Both bowlers had trouble stringing strikes together….but in the end….Snyder defeated Glinski 204-195.  This advanced Snyder to the title match vs Bradley Crouse.  Snyder knew the title match would be a battle.  Crouse is a veteran of the PJBT and a former Junior Gold National Champion.  Snyder was up to the task.  He got off to a hot start and made sure that Crouse paid catch-up the entire match.  In the end, Snyder steamrolled through Crouse….defeating him 257-204 to take the match and the title.  Snyder won a $200 1st place Scholarship and our awards from Crown Trophy.

In Handicap, Shania Jennings captured her 1st PJBT title of the season and her 3rd career PJBT title.  Jennings was near the top of the leaderboard for most of the day.  Jennings, a bowler who grew up bowling on wood conditions like this….gave her the experience to dominate this event.  Jennings, who averages 168, shot scratch games in qualifying of 226,186, 148, 220, and 184.  With handicap, she stood at 1104 or +104 after qualifying.  This made her the leader of the 27 bowler field.  Top 10 Qualifying cut score was +5.  In Match Play, Jennings struggled slightly and lost her lead to tournament leader Alex Rodriguez.  In addition, 2nd seed Alyssa Sauer passed Jennings.  Jennings sat 3rd entering the finals.  Similar to Snyder above….Jennings won all 3 of her stepladder matches to take the title.  First, she took on #5 seed Emily Skurzynski in Match 2.  Jennings defeated Skurzynski 189-175.  Jennings then advanced to the semi-final match vs #2 seed Alyssa Sauer.  Jennings outlasted Sauer 186-151.  Jennings advanced then to the title match vs Alex Rodriguez.  This title match was a classic.  It came down to the final ball.  In the end, Jennings defeated Rodriguez 207-200 to take home the title and the $200 top scholarship prize.  She also took home the 1st place plaque from Crown Trophy.

On this day, we had no honor scores bowled.  Our 300 Pot stands at $38 entering next week’s event.