Chubb and Capper Win “Scorefest” at Town & Country Lanes

Published on: February 20, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

[The PJBT continued its 17th season with a trip to Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem, PA.  This day was a reminder of the amazing youth talent in bowling today.  As many of our bowlers know, we do a variety of oil patterns at our events.  Some are tough WTBA conditions and others are house shots.  This day was a house shot tournament….and our talented youth did not disappoint.  It is safe to say that they “whacked” the house pattern….as the scoring pace was very high and we saw a pair of perfect games on this day.  We had a total of 3 honor scores.

We saw 57 bowlers take to the lanes on this day.  We had 27 competing in Scratch and 30 in Handicap.  Our format on this day was our standard format. (5 games, top 40% bowl 3 more match play, and top 5 stepladder).

In Scratch, Austin Chubb captured his 1st Scratch Division career title.  The title was his overall 2nd of his career, as he had 1 title in the Handicap Division years ago.  Chubb started the event with an amazing qualifying round.  He shot games of 228, 279, 248, 278, and 279 for a 5 game block of 1312 or +312.   He was the tournament leader after qualifying.  The top 10 of 27 advanced in scratch after qualifying and cut was +168!  It took a 233+ average to make that first cut.  In match play, Chubb won all 3 of his matches shooting games of 267, 213, and 247.  He stood at +529 entering the finals and remained the tournament leader.  In the final match, Chubb faced off vs #3 seed Matthew Forry.  Matt had already impressed the crowd with a perfect 300 game during match play.  He was the 2nd bowler of the day to shoot 300.  During Game 5 of qualifying, Jason Waltman also shot 300.  It was Chubb vs Forry.  Chubb started strong and never looked back.  Like the rest of the day, he put his foot on the gas!  He shot 258 in the final match and defeated Forry 258-158.  Chubb took home the top prize of $200 and plaque for his win.

In Handicap, Hayden Capper captured his 1st PJBT career title.  Capper did not lead wall-to-wall like Chubb….but he put in an impressive performance.  Capper entered the event with a 184 average and received 14 pins per game.  In qualifying, he shot scratch games of 185, 209, 225, 192, and 206.   With his handicap, he stood at 1087 or +87.  He was in 6th place of 12 bowlers entering match play.  The first qualifying cut was +58.  In match play, Capper only won 1 of 3 matches….but most importantly, still bowled good games.  He shot a big 258 in the first game and followed it up with games of 223, and 202.  After 8, he stood at +242 and was seeded in 3rd place entering the finals.  He only trailed tournament leader Taylor Caretta and #2 seed Bree Binkowski.  From there, he walked the ladder!  His first match in the finals was vs #5 seed James Carnal.  Carnal also had a great day as he rolled an honor score of 290 during Game 5 of qualifying.  Carnal only advanced to the finals because he tied for the last spot and won a tie-breaker rolloff 48-28 to be the #5 seed for the finals.  In a very close matchup, Capper defeated Carnal 215-212 to advance to the semi-final match vs #2 seed Bree Binkowski.  This match was dominated by Capper.  He shot 223 while Binkowski only had 140.  This victory advanced him into the title match vs #1 seed Taylor Caretta.  Our title match was a good one.  This one came down to the lane frames….but in the end…Capper held on and defeated Caretta 226-210.  Capper received a $200 scholarship top prize and plaque for the win.

Congrats to our 2 perfect games bowled on this day (mentioned above) and to James Carnal for his 11-in-a-row 290.  Both Jason Waltman and Matthew Forry were in the 300 Pot…each earning them a $60 scholarship.  (Pot had $120 split equally).