7 More Athletes Qualify for Junior Gold – Group Tally Up to 39

Published on: March 19, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT conducted our 6th Junior Gold Only Qualifier Tournament of the Season on Sunday, March 13.  This event was held at Haja Rose Bowl in Allentown, PA.  39 Athletes took to the lanes looking to qualify for the 2016 Junior Gold National Youth Championships in Indianapolis.  This event was conducted on the challenging WTBA Los Angeles Pattern.

In U20, we were able to qualify 4 bowlers on this day.  The top 2 from both the boys and girls divisions won their spots.  For the boys, our winner was Dave Callahan, who shot 856 or +56 for 4 games.  Second Place went to Daniel Althouse at 844 or +44.  Althouse finished 2nd and stayed ahead of the 3rd place bowler by over 60 pins.  Callahan and Althouse were the only 2 bowlers to finish plus in the qualifier….getting them both their spot.  For the girls, Dawn Kleinspehn won the qualifier shooting 780 or -20 for 4 games.  Second Place went to Emily Skurzynski with a 4 Game Total of 758 or -42.  Emily finished about 30 pins ahead of 3rd place to earn the additional spot.

In U15, we qualified the top boy and girl.  For the boys, Isaac Erickson captured the qualifier spot.  Erickson put on an impressive performance…as he bowled the high 4 game scratch block of the day.  He would have beat all the bowlers even in the U20 Division!  He shot games of 174, 196, 246, and 255 for a 4 game total of 871.  He won the division qualifier by 150 pins over the 2nd place bowler!  For the girls, Amanda Yeung captured the spot.  Yeung shot 711 or -89 for 4 games, winning the qualifier by over 90 pins.

Finally, our U12 Qualifier Winner was Tevon Kerr.  Tevon shot 663 or -137 for 4 games and dominated the qualifier, winning by over 160 pins over our 2nd place bowler.

Congrats to all 7 of our Athletes who Qualified.  PJBT tally of entries to Junior Gold is at 39 with 5 qualifying tournaments to go.