Regional Player Travis Celmer and PWBA Title Winner Elysia Current Capture Doubles Victory at Berks for $2000

Published on: March 5, 2016 | Categories: Headliners

The Adult Bowlers Tour continued its season with our one and only DOUBLES event of the season.  This event was an any doubles combination tournament.  The event was conducted on the Beijing 35 Foot Pattern.  The turnout for this event was better than expected.  We had 44 doubles teams or 88 bowlers competing for the over $10,000 in prize money.  This event coming after our last event in January was cancelled due to the major snowstorm.

Regional Player and Local Bowler Travis Celmer won the title with PWBA Title Winner Elysia Current on this day.  Their win earned them $2000 top prize / $1000 per bowler.

During qualifying, Celmer/Current shot doubles games of 421, 465, 440, 449, 450, and 409 for +234 after 6 games.  They were seeded in 2nd place entering the top 6 teams NFL Bracket Final.  The top 2 seeds received a bye in Round 1 of finals.  They only trailed tournament leaders Dan Buchman & Dave Knight Jr by 4 pins.

The finals went as follows:

Quarterfinals:  #3 seed Scott Denlinger & Rick Graham defeat #6 seed Steve Pavlinko Jr / Rusty Thomsen 439-391.  In the other match, #5 seed Mark Benston & Josh Schmehl defeated #4 seed Evan Simon & Louis Gaudio 449-372.

Semi-Finals:  #2 seed Celmer/Current defeated #3 seed Denlinger/Graham 489-373.  Travis shot 268 in this match to boost Current and himself into the finals.  In the other match, #5 Benston/Schmehl took down our tournament leaders, #1 Buchman/Knight Jr 420-392.

Title Match was #2 seed Celmer/Current vs #5 Benston/Schmehl.  Once again, Celmer took control.  He shot 279 in the final match to help them shoot 469 and defeated Benston/Schmehl 469-426.

Payouts were: 1st Celmer/Current $2000…..2nd Benston/Schmehl $1000…..3rd Buchman/Knight Jr $550…..4th Denlinger/Graham  $550…..5th Pavlinko / Thomsen $300…..6th Simon/Gaudio $300….other teams to cash but not make the finals were 7th place Jason & Eric Cornog $200…..8th Place Greg Bruff /John Delp III $180…..9th Mark Hess/Brandon Hinderer $160