Bilanin/Longacre Roll Perfect Games in Route To Victory While Royer/Attig-Chavez Win at Leisure Adult-Jr Event

Published on: April 16, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 17th Season with our final regular season Adult-Jr Event at Leisure Lanes in Lancaster, PA.  This event is always a big turnout event each year and this year did not disappoint.  This year’s event saw 68 teams or 136 bowlers compete for prizes and scholarships.   We had 45 teams in scratch and 23 teams in Handicap.  Lane condition for event was house and format was 5 games, top 40% advance to 3 more games.  After 8 games, top 4 teams rolled off bracket style (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3) for the title.

In Scratch, Bryan Bilanin and his partner John Longacre, captured their 1st ever PJBT titles in “perfect” fashion.  It started off with qualifying.  Bilanin/Longacre shot doubles games of 417, 445, 537, 424, and 433.  They were near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2. Of the 45 teams bowling, 18 advanced to Round 2.  1st Round cut for 5 games was a strong +155.  In Round 2, Bilanin/Longacre made their run!  Bilanin shot a perfect 300 game during Game 7 of competition.  With Bilanin’s 300, he won the 300 Pot for $160 scholarship.  His partner, Longacre, also shot 278 for a team game of 578!  Combine that game with their game 6 of 423 and Game 8 of 462.  They sat +519 and were in 2nd place entering the finals.  They only trailed tournament leaders Brian Kennedy & Zachary Dragovits.  Kennedy & Dragovits had a record day going +601 for 8 games….leading the field all the way.  In the finals, #1 Kennedy/Dragovits took on #4 Anthony Neuer/Brandon Runk.  This match went to the 10th frame but Kennedy/Dragovits outlasted Neuer/Runk 485-452.  In the other final, #2 Bilanin/Longacre took on #3 Jesse Brown/Christopher Fuller.  This match was a battle but Bilanin/Longacre were victorious 395-352.  This set up the title match #1 Kennedy/Dragovits vs #2 Bilanin/Longacre.  The match started with lots of strikes and never stopped!  It was all about who would strike more….and Bilanin/Longacre did.  Bryan individually shot 218 but his partner John Longacre shot a perfect game 300!  Their team game of 518 was enough to bring home the victory.  Bilanin/Longacre defeated Kennedy/Dragovits 518-480.  Bilanin won a $300 scholarship and glass bowling pin for his victory.  Longacre also won a plaque and a $150 prize.

In Handicap, Jody Royer & Chase Attig-Chavez brought home the title.  They were near the top of the leaderboard all day.  They entered the event getting 58 pins a game handicap.  They shot scratch games of 413, 382, 383, 367, and 430.  The first round cut was -20 for 10th place.  In Round 2, they shot games of 382, 322, and 381 to maintain their lead through 8 games.  They stood at +324 and led the field by over 100 pins entering the bracket final.  In the finals, #1 Royer/Attig-Chavez took on #4 Alexis & Bryan Miller.  Royer/Attig-Chavez got off to a strong start and never looked back.  They defeated Miller/Miller 393-278.  In the other semi-final, #2 Josh & Brian Honish took on #3 Landen & Joel Freeman.  This match was also decided before the 10th frame.  The team of Freeman got off to fast start and defeated Honish 336-276.  This set up the title match #1 vs #3.  The title match was a nail-biter….that came down to the final frame.  In the end, Royer/Attig-Chavez outlasted Freeman/Freeman 357-336 and took home the title.  Jody received a $200 scholarship and glass bowling pin for her title.  Chase Attig-Chavez also received a plaque and a $120 prize.

The 300 Pot for $160 went to Bryan Bilanin for his 300….Pot will start over again next week.