Dragovits/Chapple & Attig-Chavez/Fenicle Dominate at Hiesters

Published on: April 23, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 17th Season with a trip to Hiester Lanes in Reading, PA, for our final season 21 & Under Doubles Event.  These events are always a big hit every year as any 21 & Under Bowler can team up with another bowler.  This event did not disappoint.  We had 56 teams or 112 bowlers competing on this day, with 27 teams (54 bowlers) in Scratch and 29 Handicap Team (58 Bowlers).  The format is 5 games qualifying, top 40% of teams bowl 3 additional games.  After 8 games, the top 5 teams in each division advance to our baker-format stepladder final.  This event was conducted on the Kegel Tower of Pisa Pattern.  This pattern is one of their newer patterns that we thought was a tough pattern….it played easier than expected.  Scores were high….

In Scratch, we saw a dominate performance by Zachary Dragovits and Conrad Chapple.  Zachary captured his season-high 6th title and his 8th career title with the win.  His partner, Conrad Chapple, was bowling one of his first events of the year.  Chapple was off at college and came home to compete in this event.  With this win, Chapple captured his 3rd career title.  These guys went +725 for 8 games!  In qualifying, Dragovits/Chapple shot games of 475, 427, 470, 473, and 524.  They led the tournament all day. Chapple shot an 11-in-a-row 290 Game During Qualifying.  In Round 2, they maintained their lead with games of 507, 556, and 493.  Dragovits shot 299 during Game 7 and shot 827 for the Round 2 block of 3 games! They stood at +725 and led the field into the baker format stepladder final.  In the final match, Dragovits/Chapple took on #2 Jonathan Pleger & Tanner Schickel.  Dragovits/Chapple got off to a strong start and never looked back.  They shot 254 as a baker game in the final and defeated Pleger/Schickel 254-214.  Dragovits/Chapple each won a $225 individual scholarship and our awards from Crown Trophy.

In Handicap, Cameron Attig-Chavez and Sarah Fenicle led the field.  They entered the event with a team average of 309 and got 83 pins handicap a game.  They shot scratch games of 415, 360, 356, 317, and 388.  They were the leaders after qualifying.  In Round 2, they shot team games of 319, 298, and 300.  They maintained a slim 2 pin lead over #2 seed Jennifer Williams/Trinity Yates entering the finals.   In the baker format final, #1 Attig-Chavez/Fenicle took on #2 Williams/Yates.  The match was close to the end but Attig-Chavez/Fenicle outlasted Williams/Yates 212-180 to take home the title.  Attig-Chavez & Fenicle each won $225 scholarship and 1st place plaques.

Congrats also to our honor score bowlers.  Sam Bortnick shot a perfect game 300 and took home the 300 Pot for $25.  We also saw Conrad Chapple shoot 290 while his partner Zachary Dragovits had a 299 Game and 827 Series during Round 2 of Qualifying.