Martell Dominates 2016 Championship Weekend – Fenicle Wins First Singles Title in Biggest Event of Year

Published on: June 11, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT concluded his 17th Season with his FAMOUS CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND events.  This weekend is always much fun as the pro bowlers from the PBA Tour are in attendance for our events….while local and regional pros come out to compete in our pro-am event.   All our events were televised LIVE on YOUTUBE.  It was our first year trying this and it was a big success.  Our weekend probably should have been renamed Michael Martell weekend, as he dominated all our big events of the weekend.

The weekend began with our famous PBA Skins Match Rolloff Friday Night.  There was to be 6 Pros in Attendance.  However, PJBT good friend and Hall-Of-Famer Parker Bohn III, had made the finals of the 2016 PBA50 US Open.  So, he wasn’t getting into town until Saturday.  So we had 5 Pros Competing on this night.  PBA Hall-Of-Famers Doug Kent and Danny Wiseman.  We also had Bill O’Neill, Anthony Pepe, and from the PWBA Tour MariAnne Dirupo.  The event was exciting and Anthony Pepe was declared our champion….winning the most skins money on the night.

Saturday Began with our PBA No-Tap Pro-Am Bowl With the Pros.  All of our youth and adult bowlers competed with our PBA/Regional & Local Pros for a morning of fun and competition.  We had 79 total entries between the two divisions for the pro-am.

In our youth division, Zachary Prizer won the title shooting a no-tap 3 games series of 885. He won the top prize for $300 scholarship.  Other scholarship winners included Bryan Bilanin, Breanne Hood, Aaron Weaver, Owen Shatzer, Sarah Kirch, Isaac Erickson, Tevon Kerr, Jacob Ricketts, Lee Enck, Joceyln Hood, and Drew Jaquith.  Minimum score to cash for youth was 761.

In the adult division, Brian Steigerwalt was our champion.  Brian shot 887 with his handicap to get the $200 prize for the win.  Other cash prize winners included James Ricketts, Rob Jennings Sr, Ryan Clevesy, & Walter Tomlin Sr.  Minimum score to cash was 826.

Then came our famous Adult Junior & Parker Bohn Skins Match.  This event is a 2-squad event.  Teams are adult/junior and the results of both squads are combined for the final results and payouts.  However, the top 6 teams in scratch and 3 teams in handicap advance to compete head-to-head vs Parker Bohn in a live skins match Saturday night for additional prizes.  We had a total of 111 teams or 222 Bowlers compete in the event.

In Scratch, Michael Martell & Kenny Ryan took the title.  They had an amazing 4 game block in Squad One.  They shot team games of 448, 565, 547, and 504 to be +464 for 4 games. Martell won $400 scholarship and Ryan won $200 cash for the win.  These guys advanced to the skins with the 2nd thru 6th place teams.

In Handicap, David Swavely and Rob Jennings Sr took the win.   They shot team games of 454, 487, 422, and 479 for +242 for 4 games.  Swavely won a $400 scholarship and Jennings took home a $200 cash prize.  Swavely/Jennings advanced to Skins final with the 2nd and 3rd place teams in Handicap.

In the Skins, we had an epic battle that Parker Bohn even knew was great!  The skins went longer than in past years and we had lots of strikes!  The youth bonus pot got to $960 scholarship.  The battle came down to Michael Martell & Alex Glinski.  Martell struck late and took home the $960 skins title.   On the adult side, it came down to #2 seed Anthony Pepe and #3 seed Rob Jennings Sr.  They both struck late but Jennings missed in frame 13.  Pepe needed to strike to win and he did!  Pepe took home the adult pot of $480 cash.


The awards ceremony began Sunday with all our best bowlers of the year being recognized.  Our big winners were the Points Winners Alex Glinski, Sarah Kirch, Riley Celmer, and Shania Jennings.  Bowler of the Year went to Zachary Dragovits.  Sportmanship of the Year went to Alex Glinski and David Swavely.

After doing bowler introductions, our famous event began.  6 Game Qualifier, 3 Games Match Play for top 40% of field, and then the top 10 advanced to our bracket final.  Bracket final was 1-2 get a bye —  3 thru 10 make 8 bowler bracket….bracket goes from 8 to 4 to bonus round of 4 and 2 for the title.  Seeds 1 and 2 get a bye to the final 4 of the bracket.

In Scratch, Michael Martell dominated the day again.  Despite the tougher 2016 Queens Pattern, Martell made it look easy.  He shot 1384 for 6 games and was the tournament leader.  He maintained that lead throughout match play and was the tournament leader entering the finals bracket.  He joined the bracket in the Semi-Final Round of 4.  Ironically, the 4 bowlers in Scratch remaining were from 4 different states.  Martell (NY), Glinski (PA), Tristan Leyen (MD), and Joe Starace (NJ).  Martell took on #5 seed Alex Glinski.  Their match was a battle on a tough pair.  Martell defeated Glinski 176-132.  This advanced him to the title match vs #3 seed Tristan Leyen.  In the title match, Leyen and Martell were neck and neck.  In the end, Martell took advantage of a late open frame by Leyen and won the title 211-191.  Martell’s victory earned him the famous invitational trophy and a $600 scholarship.

In Handicap, Sarah Fenicle, captured her 1st ever singles title.  It was her 2nd career title but the 1st came in a doubles event earlier in the year.  Fenicle didn’t dominate like Martell but she bowled excellent all day.  In qualifying, she shot 5 games with handicap of 1220.  She was seeded 2nd after qualifying, only trailing leader Stephen Yuhas V.  Match Play bounced the leaderboard around slightly but Fenicle remained in 2nd place and earned that elusive bye into the final four of the event.  Entering the bracket final, #1 seed was KC Miller.  Fenicle began the bracket final with a match vs #6 Brendan Hunsicker.  Fenicle beat Hunsicker in the semi-final and advanced to the title match vs #8 seed Breanne Hood.  Both of our female finalists in Handicap were from Harrisburg, PA.  So the final was a battle of Harrisburg, PA.  In the end, Fenicle defeated Hood in the title match 178-149 to get the historic victory.  Fenicle won the championship trophy and a $600 scholarship.

Thanks to all our bowlers and parents/spectators who took part in another great championship weekend.  Thanks to all our sponsors and pro bowlers for also attending.