Glinski/Scheidig & Kinney/Brown Take Home the Victory in Adult Junior #3 of the Season

Published on: April 9, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued his 18th season with an early trip back to Leisure Lanes in Lancaster, PA, for our 3rd Adult Junior Event of the Season.  This event, which normally happens later in the year….happened early this year because Leisure is hosting the PA Women’s State Tournament.  So we revisited for our event on this day.  This year’s adult junior saw 63 teams or 126 bowlers take to the lanes on a house condition.  We had 36 scratch teams and 27 handicap teams.   Format was 5 games of qualifying, top 40% of teams bowled another 3 games….and then the top 4 teams advanced to our bracket final.

In Scratch, Alex Glinski captured his 9th career PJBT title….bowling with his partner, Doug Scheidig.  Glinski/Scheidig bowled well all day.  Their 5 qualifying games had team scores of 469, 537, 525, 407, and 457.  Glinski/Scheidig were near the top of the leaderboard with these scores.  The top 16 teams advanced and the first cut was +222.  In Round 2, Glinski/Scheidig took the lead and never looked back.  Game 6 of qualifying was their highest game….and Doug Scheidig rolled a perfect game of 300!  Combine that with Alex’s 250 game and they shot 550.  Their last 2 games were 492 and 439.  After 8 games, Glinski/Scheidig stood at +676 for 8 games.  They led the final four teams into the finals.  The finals saw #1 seed take on #4, and #2 take on #3.  Winners then bowled each other for the title.  Glinski/Scheidig took on #4 seed Isaac Erickson/Neal Vital.  Glinski/Scheidig outbowled Erickson/Vital in the semi-final 514-430.  This advanced them into the title match vs #3 seed Anthony Neuer/Brandon Runk.  Neuer/Runk defeated Ambrose Shirk/Stephen Dunnigan in their semi-final 427-407.  In the title match, it was shot for shot.  Both teams had a chance to win….but in the end….Glinski/Scheidig squeaked out a victory over Neuer/Runk 490-484.   Alex Glinski won $300 scholarship and Scheidig a $200 cash prize.  They both also won a trophy and plaque for their title.

In Handicap, Mason Kinney got his 2nd PJBT title, teamed up with PJBT Regular DJ Brown.  Their team shot some respectable games of 357, 422, 320, 377, and 429.  They were also near the top of the leaderboard all day.  The first round saw 12 teams advance with a cut of +64.  In Round 2, Kinney/Brown shot 395, 315, and 347.  With their handicap, they stood at +378 and took the tournament lead into the bracket final.  Kinney/Brown took on the #4 seed Andrew & Doug Sass.  Kinney/Brown got off to a strong start and never looked back.  They defeated Sass/Sass 434-366.  They advanced to the title match to take on Josh Hammons/Ralph Kurtz.  Hammons/Kurtz was the #2 seed and defeated Katelyn Garman/Beth Rapp  in their semi-finals 422-391.  The title match saw another classic.  Kinney/Brown outlasted Hammons/Kurtz 358-334 to win.  Mason won a $250 scholarship and trophy while DJ Brown won $150 cash and a plaque for the victory.

This day saw multiple honor scores.  All the honor scores came from adult sanctioned bowlers.  Of them, only one competes yet on the PJBT Bowling Series….and that was Zachary Bowers.  Congrats to Zach, but he was in the 300 Pot….so the pot carries to next week.  Congrats also to the following bowlers and their accomplishments:  Neal Vital perfect 300 Game, Doug Scheidig perfect 300 Game, Doug Sass perfect 300 Game, John Longacre 11-in-a-row 298 Game, and Brendan Yarnall had an 11-in-a-row 290 Game.

Next Week:  PJBT returns back to our Singles Format with a Saturday Afternoon Event at Jay Lanes in Douglassville, PA.  Event is Saturday, March 25th, at 2:30pm.