Michael Houtz & Isaac Kim Win BuddiesProShop.com Doubles Event Take Home $1500 of the $3600 Total Prize Fund

Published on: April 9, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The BuddiesProShop.com Adult Bowlers Tour continued our season with our 7th event of the year.  This event was an any partner doubles event.  Scratch Bowlers could pick anyone to bowl Doubles with.  Format was 6 games….top 6 teams advanced to NFL Bracket Finals.  NFL Bracket is 3 rounds.  Round 1 was seeds 1/2 get a bye….3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.  Winners advance to Round 2 against seeds 1 and 2.  Winners of each semi-final advanced to bowl each other for the title.  The event was conducted on the challenging WTBA Montreal Pattern.

This year’s winners were Michael Houtz & Isaac Kim.  Houtz and Kim had to work for the title.  They started with games of 395 and 399.  They moved up the leaderboard with game 3, when they shot 486.  They followed it up with solid qualifying games of 432, 482, and 452.  They stood at +246 and was the 5th seed of 6 entering the finals.  The teams entering the finals were #1 seeds Todd Benner/Brian Satkowski.  #2 seed was Scott Kinkaid/Irv Raines.  #3 seed was Tom Barna Jr/Brandon Runk.  #4 seed was Cody Shoemaker/Adam Baer and #6 seed was Brad Kemp/Justin Kleinspehn.

Round 1 of the finals saw Barna Jr/Runk take on Kemp/Kleinspehn.  In the other match it was Shoemaker/Baer vs Houtz/Kim.  In the first match, Barna/Runk defeated Kemp/Kleinspehn 451-398.  This advanced Barna/Runk into the next round.  Houtz/Kim defeated Shoemaker/Baer 478-452.   Houtz/Kim took home the victory with the help of a 4-6-10 split conversion by Houtz and in the 10th….Kim needed a mark to win.  He tripped the 4-9 for a strike and the victory.

Round 2 of the finals saw #1 seed Benner/Satkowski take on #5 Houtz/Kim.  The other semi-final match was #2 Kinkaid/Raines vs #3 Barna/Runk.  Houtz/Kim both rolled games in the 230s and shot 469 combined to take down the leaders!  Benner/Satkowski lost to them with a respectful 451 score.  The other match saw Kinkaid/Raines defeat Barna/Runk 431-377.

The title match saw #2 seed Kinkaid/Raines take on #5 seed Houtz/Kim.  Kinkaid/Raines had choice of pair and elected to stay on lanes 5-6 for the title match.  They thought that would give them an advantage….but nothing would stop Houtz/Kim.  Houtz/Kim outlasted Kinkaid/Raines 442-428to take home the title.

Michael Houtz and Isaac Kim split $1500 top prize!

Final event of the season is April 29-30 Invitational.  AMF Parkway Lanes….$2000 Guaranteed First Place!