Howell Lanes of New Jersey and Strike Zone Alleys of PA Win Bowling Center Championship – Centers Win $500 Donation to Junior League

Published on: November 18, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th Season with a trip to Parkway Lanes in Allentown for our Famous Bowling Center Championship Team Tournament.  This event was exciting in many ways today because this event is our Annual Team Event to promote junior bowling in our area.  As programs across the country continue to decline….we like to give back to the organizations who continue to strive in growing the youth of our area.

Secondly, we were excited to be back at Parkway Lanes in Allentown.  Over the past year, there were many rumors the center would be sold and possibly closing or even demolished.  In a time where our area has seen many centers closing….this was scary news.  The great news in the story is the center was purchased by a private family and they decided to keep it a bowling center.  They have done some very nice upgrades to the center….we thank them for hosting us.

The Bowling Center Championship is a 5-Person Team Event made up of bowlers from the same bowling center junior program.  Teams bowl 5 team games – and the top 6 teams advance to the bracket final.  All team games in the finals.  Each center in Scratch & Handicap who win the event receive a personal $500 Donation to their junior league program from PJBT.

In Scratch, Howell Lanes of Howell, NJ, took home the title.  The team was made up of Justin Bohn, Ryan Taylor, Brandon Bohn, Joey Ocello, and Ryan Carlisi.  In Qualifying, Howell Lanes shot 1125, 1129, 1043, 1110, and 1119.  All their teams games were fairly consistent.  This qualified them as the #1 seed team after qualifying.  The finals for Scratch were the top 3 teams.  1 Game Match 2 vs 3.  Winner bowled Howell Lanes for the title.  Berks Lanes qualified as the #2 seed team and 222 Dutch Lanes was the #3 seed.  In the semi-final, Berks Lanes defeated 222 Dutch Lanes 1070-1011.  This set up the title match – Howell Lanes vs Berks Lanes.  This match was close until the late frames….but Howell Lanes outlasted Berks Lanes 1152-1092 for the title.  Each bowler on Howell Lanes’ team won a $200 scholarship and plaque while Howell Lanes won the $500 donation from PJBT.

In Handicap, Strike Zone Alleys of Pottsville, PA, took home the title.  Strike Zone’s team was made up of Alec Carl, Brad Brown, Taylor Benner, Corey Rinda, and Brandon Updike.  Their team average was 844 and they received 140 pins handicap.  They were the tournament leaders of 16 teams in qualifying.  They shot team games of 1004, 826, 907, 1008, and 870 scratch.  With handicap, they had 5315 (+315) for 5 games.  They were the leaders entering the 6 team bracket final.  The handicap finals was nfl bracket.  3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.  Winners bowl 1 & 2 and winners bowl each other for the title.  Strike Zone entered the finals in the semi-final round when they took on #5 seed ABC West Lanes.  Strike Zone Alleys won this match 1019-934.  In the other semi-final, Palmyra Bowling Center defeated Town & Country Lanes 1005-873.  This set up the title match….Strike Zone vs Palmyra Bowl.   Strike Zone got off to a fast start and never looked back!  They dominated the match and cruised to a victory 939-772.  Each bowler from Strike Zone Alleys won a $200 scholarship and plaque.  Strike Zone Alleys also won the $500 donation from the PJBT.

Thanks to all 23 teams (105 bowlers) who came out for this year’s event.  Special thanks to the PJBT Maps Scholarship Portal for sponsoring the extra payouts to our youth and centers.

Congrats to Bryce Lentz from Palmyra Bowling Center for bowling our only honor score of the day.  Bryce had an 11 in a row 290 game during qualifying.  Congrats Bryce!

Next Week:  PJBT returns to Parkway Lanes for our first 21 & Under Doubles Event of the Year.  Tournament is Sunday 11/12 at 10:30am.