Ocello/Reyes & Noel/Forry Win Doubles #2 at Colony Park North

Published on: December 23, 2017 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th Season with a trip to Colony Park Lanes North in York, PA.  This event, for the first time, was turned into a 21 & Under Doubles Event.  This new format event was a big success!  On this day, we had 84 bowlers (42 teams) competing.  We had 44 (22 teams) in Scratch and 40 (20 Teams) in Handicap.  This event was bowled on the Kegel Gateway Arch Pattern.

In Scratch,  Joey Ocello & Antonio Reyes brought home the victory.  Ocello/Reyes started off strong in qualifying with games of 426, 423, and a big team game of 518.  They finished qualifying with 364 and 413.  They were near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2 of qualifying.  The first qualifying cut for 10th place was +19.  Ocello/Reyes bowled solid games in Round 2 of 449, 412, and 410.  After 8 games, Ocello/Reyes sat in 3rd place for the baker format stepladder final.  Ocello/Reyes then won 3 straight games to win the title.  But the road to victory was not easy.  In their first match, they took on #5 seed Riley Celmer & Zachary Trimmer.  This match was survival of the fittest.  Each team struggled to put up a mark.  In the end, they ended in a tie! 156-156.  In the 2 frame rolloff, Ocello/Reyes survived…winning the rollofff 58-26.  This survival win game them momentum for the next two matches.  Ocello/Reyes defeated #2 seeds Brian Kennedy/Andrew Lazarchick 237-190.  In the title match, Ocello/Reyes took on tournament leaders Daniel Althouse & Sam Bortnick.  Ocello/Reyes started strong and never looked back.  They shot 256 and won 256-179.  They made adjustments from shooting 156 to 256 to win.  Ocello/Reyes each won a $200 scholarship and trophy for their win.

In Handicap, Cloe Noel and Matthew Forry captured the win.  Noel/Forry entered the tournament with a team average of 343 and 51 pins per game.  They shot scratch games of 370, 387, 345, 418, and 373.  Noel/Forry was also near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2 of qualifying.  Round 2 they maintained a good position in the standings.  They shot 380, 424, and 366.  After 8 games, Noel/Forry was seeded 2nd entering the stepladder finals.  In the semi-final match, Noel/Forry took on #3 seed Clayton Tyndall & Maribeth Baker.   Noel/Forry defeated Tyndall/Baker 215-154.  This advanced them into the title match to take on the tournament leaders Jody Royer & Chase Attig-Chavez.  Noel/Forry out-bowled Royer/Attig-Chavez to win 192-161. Cloe Noel & Matthew Forry each won a $200 scholarship and plaque for their win.

Our next event is the famous Day After Xmas Tournament is coming up on Tuesday, December 26th for Major #5. Handicap Division event is at 10am and Scratch around 2:30pm.