Neuer Wins His 3rd PJBT in 4 Weeks while Morgan Kline Captures First Ever Title at Town & Country

Published on: March 3, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th Season with a trip to Town & Country Lanes in Bethlehem.  Town & Country Lanes is the home center for our corporate sponsor  We are proud to have sponsoring us now for many years and on this day.    This event was a regular season singles event conducted on the PJBT Unique #7 Pattern.  This pattern was a challenge shot and we used the same pattern earlier in the year for a Adult Event at Town & Country.  This was the first time the youth bowled on it.

On this day, we saw 48 bowlers take to the lanes, including 30 in Scratch.

It has been a HOT February for Anthony Neuer.  Neuer captured his 3rd title of the year….and 3rd title of the month!  Neuer previously won at 222 Dutch Major 3 weeks ago and the Adult Junior at Midway last week….before winning again today.  Neuer’s win is his 6th career PJBT title.   Neuer was atop the leaderboard most of the day.  He shot 225, 237, 256, 256, and 253 during qualifying ….for an amazing score of 1227 (+227).  Of 30 bowlers, only 5 were plus after qualifying….and Neuer had a 115 pin lead on the field!  1st Round Cut Score of 12th place was -111.  In Match Play, he maintained his position by going 2-1 and shooting some solid scores.  After Game 8, he was at +368 and still the leader entering the finals.  The finals was an all-star of bowlers.  It was Anthony Neuer, Daniel Althouse, Jack Celmer, Tom Hankey, and Anthony Mastroianni.  The finals had some high drama….beginning with Tom Hankey.  In Match 1 of the stepkladder, Hankey got off to a terrible start. 1 Mark and 3 opens.  He had 38 in the 4th frame.  Mastroianni had an early lead.  Hankey would make a line and ball change that went down in the record books.  He went the next 20 strikes in a row!  He struck out to come back and defeat Mastroianni 208-190.  Then, Hankey shot 300 in Match 2 vs Celmer!!  Hankey won the $93 300 Pot.  Althouse then defeated Hankey in the semifinal match 259-248.  Neuer took on Althouse for the title.  Neuer continued his domination on the day….by shooting 269 in the final to beat Althouse 269-237.  With his win, Neuer wins a $200 scholarship and plaque for his victory.

In Handicap, Morgan Kline captured her first ever PJBT title.  Kline entered the event with a 150 average and 45 pins per game.  She shot scratch games of 202, 157, 124, 180, and 153.  After qualifying, she was the leader at (1041).  First round cut for 8th place was -68.  In Match Play, Kline maintained his position with some solid match play games.  After Game 8, Kline was at +121 and the leader entering the stepladder final.  Kline took on Allison Stackewicz for the title.  This final match was a nail-biter!  Kline finished first and shot 156.  She forced Stackewicz to double in the 10th frame to win.  Stackewicz got the first first strike but didn’t get the second strike.  In the end, Kline outlasted Stackewicz 156-153 to win.  Morgan Kline won a $200 scholarship and plaque for her win.

Congrats to our only honor score of the day….Tom Hankey on his 300 Game during the finals.

Next week:  The PJBT heads to Clearview Lanes for the 3-Person Team Tournament.  Always a popular and fun event on Sunday, March 4th, at 10:30am.