Celmer Wins #22 and Leckner #1 on Kegel Alcatraz at Jay Lanes

Published on: March 31, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th season with a trip to Jay Lanes in Douglassville PA for our first ever Sunday Morning Event at Jay.  On this day, 55 people came out to take on the Kegel Alcatraz Pattern.  The pattern played tough and created a challenging atmosphere for our athletes.

In Scratch, Jack Celmer got one stop closer to his brother Travis.  Jack won his 22nd career PJBT title and won his 5th title on the season.  Jack’s win keeps him in 2nd place all-time with 22 PJBT wins…now just 2 behind his brother Travis at 24.  Celmer was at the top of the leaderboard for most of the day.  Celmer was 1 of only 2 bowlers of 33 to go plus after qualifying.  Celmer shot 219, 219, 221, 198 and 224 for +81.  The first 14th place cut for 5 games was -99!  Celmer went 2-1 in match play with games of 218, 200,  and 174.  Celmer stood at +133 and was the tournament leader entering the stepladder final.  In the title match, Celmer took on #2 seed Gene Blair.  Celmer struck early while Blair could not.  Celmer took the victory 201-170.  Jack Celmer on a $200 scholarship and plaque for his win.

In Handicap, Chase Leckner captured his 1st career PJBT title.  Leckner entered the event with a 155 average and 40 pins handicap per game.  Leckner shot games of 147, 177, 151, 148, and 174.  He was the tournament leader after qualifying at -3.  No bowlers were Plus!  10th place 1st cut was a tie broken at -96.  Leckner pulled away with his lead when he went 3-0 in match play.  He had games of 160, 161, ad 177.  After 8, Leckner was at +105 and was the leader entering the stepladder finals.  Chase Leckner took on Andrew Sass in the tournament final.  Sass was the #3 seed and won matches 2 & 3 entering the final.  In a close title match, Leckner outlasted Sass 158-142 to win.   Leckner won a $200 scholarship and plaque for his victory.

No honor scores were bowled on this day….carrying over our 300 Pot.  In all, we gave away over $1200 in schoalrships.

Next week:  PJBT Easter Classic Saturday afternoon tournament.  Sat March 31 at Jordan Lanes 2:30pm start