Althouse/Himmelreich & Little/McGregor Win March Adult Junior

Published on: March 24, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th season with a trip to Northern Mountains of Pennsylvania!  A return to the Wilkes-Barre area for our 5th Adult Junior Event of the Season at Stanton Lanes.  On this day, 58 teams or 116 bowlers took on the Kegel Great Wall of China Pattern.  We had 21 teams in Scratch and 37 teams in Handicap.  The format for this adult junior was 5 games, top 40% of teams bowled 3 additional games.  Top 4 teams advanced to the finals.  Finals format was all 4 bowl 1 game – Top 2 move on / bottom 2 eliminated.  The 2 remaining teams then bowled off for the title.

In Scratch, Daniel Althouse & Brittany Himmelreich came home the winners.  Althouse/Himmelreich were near the top of the leaderboard all day.  They began qualifying with team games of 401, 410, 480, 401, and 418.  After qualifying, they were seeded in 3rd place entering Round 2 of qualifying.  The first cut for 8th place of 21 teams was -46.  In Round 2, they shot team games of 38, 512, and 357 to maintain a 4th place seeding entering the 4 team finals.  The four teams in the finals were #1 Gene Blair/Jack Celmer, #2 Cody Kizis/Luke Hedgcock, #3 Zak Krisinski/Steven Kotowski and #4 Althouse/Himmelreich.  Match 1 saw Kizis/Hedgcock jump out to a big lead and shoot 463 to solidify their spot in the final.  The other three teams were fighting for the last spot.  In the end, Althouse/Himmlereich shot 414 and squeaked out a victory over Blair/Celmer (400) and Krisinski/Kotowski (352).  Title match was #2 Kizis/Hedgcock vs #4 Althouse/Himmelreich.  These teams entertained us all with a exciting match!  Shot for shot they traded the lead.  In the end, Althouse/Himmelreich got the title by just 2 pins….426-424.  Daniel Althouse won his 3rd title of the season and 5th career PJBT title.  He won a $200 scholarship and plaque for his win.  His partner, Brittany Himmelreich won a $150 prize and plaque for victory.

In Handicap, first-timers Reiss Little & Meghan McGregor won their first PJBT title.  Little/McGregor entered with a 247 team average and 137 pins handicap per game.  They shot qualifying team games of 311, 270, 271, 327, and 327.  They were in 2nd place entering Round 2.  The first cut for 15th place of 37 was -30.  In Round 2, they maintained their position behind tournament leaders Alex & Willian Cron.  They shot 281, 297, and 271 to be at +251 for 8 games.  The four team final saw #1 Cron/Cron, #2 Little/McGregor, #3 Kadee Bruno/William Loss, and #4 Dayna Willis/Audrey Rodriguez.  The four team round saw Willis/Rodriguez roll the high team game of 458.  Little/McGregor came in 2nd with 434 to advance to the final.  Bruno/Loss shot 419 and Cron/Cron 383.  In the title match it was #2 Little/McGregor vs #4 Willis/Rodriguez.  This match saw Little/McGregor pull out early and never look back!  They won the match 305-255 to capture the victory.  Reiss lIttle won a $250 scholarship and plaque for his win.  McGregor won a $150 cash prize and plaque for her win.

In all, we gave out over $2000 scholarships and over $2700 in prizes!  Thanks to all 116 who came out.  We had many new bowlers who came out on this day to bowl their first ever PJBT.  Thanks to William Cron for inviting them!  We hope to see you all again soon.

Next week:  PJBT returns to Jay Lanes in Douglassville PA for a regular season singles PJBT.  Sunday March 25th- Action begins at 10:30am!