Neuer Wins 5th and Brown his 2nd Title of the Year at Berks Lanes

Published on: April 28, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 19th season with a return trip to Berks Lanes for our 9th Major event of the year.  Not only was it a Major but Player of the Year honors were on the line.  On this day, 64 bowlers took on the lanes with 34 in Scratch and 30 in Handicap. Lane pattern for this event was a unique created Kegel Pattern – known as Pattern #9.  The major format was 6 games… top 40% bowl 3 match play games….and the top 6 advance to Major Final.  2 Shootouts and 1 stepladder match to determine our champion.

In Scratch, Anthony Neuer stepped forward to be the leader for Player of the Year.  He won his 2nd major and 5th title of the year.  Neuer didn’t start at the dominate leader.  He, however, did enough to stay near the top of the leaderboard.  He shot 229, 186, 201, 151, 194, and 213 in qualifying.  He went -26 for 6 games and was seeded 11th entering match play.  The first cut for 14th place was -65.  Neuer made his move in match play.  Neuer went 2-1 in match play shooting games of 203, 202, and 247.  His final game earned him a spot in the 6 bowler final and the #5 seed.  Neuer needed to do the hard the way to win….win every match…including 2 shootout rounds.  That’s what he did!  In shootout one, Neuer defeated #4 Connor Brink and #6 Jordan Schell 200-173-152.  Neuer then took down #2 Daniel Althouse & #3 Jack Celmer in Shootout two 207-192-180.  Neuer then advanced to the final match to take on #1 seed & tournament leader Ryan Graham.  This final match was survival of the fittest!  Both Graham & Neuer struggled but Neuer outlasted Graham 166-150 for the win.  Neuer took on the major win and a $300 scholarship.

In Handicap, Desmond Brown captured his 2nd title of the year.  Brown entered the event with a 174 average and 23 pins handicap per game.  Brown was near the top all day.  He shot scratch qualifying games of 211, 179, 203, 155, 150, and 178.  Brown was +14 after 6 games and was in 2nd place.  The first cut for 12th was -77.  Brown went 3-0 in match play with games of 214, 229, and 185.  Brown leapfrogged into the lead position entering the finals.  In the final, Brown took on #2 seed Morgan Kline in the title match.  The title match was close but Brown beat Kline 187-174 to win.  Brown won a $300 scholarship and plaque for his win.

There were no honor scores bowled on this day.

Next week:  PJBT returns to ABC West Lanes for our 1st ever Team Baker Tournament.  10:30am Sunday April 29th.