Althouse/Vitelli & Leckner/Hunsicker Capture 1st Doubles Titles of Season 20

Published on: September 29, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 20th Anniversary Season with a trip to a new center on our schedule.  We held a 21 & Under Doubles Event at Earl Bowl in Quakertown, PA.  Due to some other events…we had an old-school smaller event on this day….but exciting still!  We saw 34 bowlers (17 Teams) take to the lanes on the Main Street pattern.  Based on entries our format was 5 games qualifying/cut to top 6 Teams/3 More Games of Qualifying/Top 3 Teams advance to Baker Format Stepladder Final.

In Scratch, Daniel Althouse & Francis Vitelli took home the title over the 10 teams competing.  Althouse/Vitelli led the field almost the entire day.  They led all the way in qualifying with team games of 502, 492, 392, 476, and 332.  They were at 2194 (+194) after 5 games and the leaders by over 120 pins on the field.  The first cut for 6th place was -136.  Round 2 of qualifying saw Althouse/Vitelli lose their lead in the final game of qualifying (Game 8).  They shot 434, 382, and 397 while the team of Ryan Goddard/Brian Kennedy shot 418, 468, and 480 to run them down.  After 8 games, Goddard/Kennedy qualified 1st with 3432 — Right behind in 2nd was Althouse/Vitelli at 3407.  Althouse/Vitelli entered the finals with a baker stepladder match vs #3 James Carnal/Lucas Francis.  Althouse/Vitelli defeated Carnal/Francis 256-232.  This advanced them into the title match vs Goddard/Kennedy.  Althouse/Vitelli got off to a hot start and never looked back!  They won the match 232-170 to bring home the doubles title.  Each bowler got a $200 scholarship and plaque for their win.

In Handicap, Chase Leckner & Brendan Hunsicker was victorious.  Leckner/Hunsicker was seeded in 2nd place after 5 games of qualifying.  They shot 310, 324, 292, 392, and 296 combined with 67 pins handicap per game.  They were at 1949 (-51).  They only trailed the leaders Tommy SanFillippo/Jake Diaz by almost 150 pins.  1st cut for 6th place was -263.  In Round 2, Leckner/Hunsicker bypassed SanFilippo/Diaz by shooting games of 332, 372, and 366.  Lecker/Hunsicker had 3220 for 8 games and led the event entering the finals.  In the title match, Leckner/Hunsicker took on #3 seed Rebecca Breidegan/Jadelyn Swisher.  Leckner/Hunsicker outbowled Breidegan/Swisher 209-183 to take home the title.  For the win, Chase Leckner & Brendan Hunsicker each won a $200 scholarship and plaque for their victory.

No honor scores on this day and 300 Pot carries over to next week.

Next week:  Our 1st Adult Junior event of the Season UP NORTH!  We travel to Chacko’s Family Bowl in Wilkes-Barre PA starting at 10:30am.