Willar & Brashear Win 1st Ever PJBT Title in Major #3 at ABC North

Published on: October 20, 2018 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 20th Anniversary Season with our 3rd Major Singles Event of the season.  It was our first trip to the Harrisburg, PA area, for the year.  The 3rd Major saw 60 bowlers take on a Kegel Created Pattern #10.  We had 26 bowlers competing in Scratch and 34 in Handicap.  Format for major was 6 games of qualifying….top 40% bowled 3 games of match play….and after 9 games, the top 6 bowlers in each division advanced to our major final.  Major final was 2 shootout rounds and one stepladder vs the tournament leader.

In Scratch, Antonio Willar of Dubois, PA, captured his first ever PJBT title.  Willar started with a solid day in qualifying.  He shot 178, 203, 230, 212, 187, and 164 during qualifying.  He was seeded 7th out of 10 bowlers entering match play.  The qualifying round cut for 10th place was -56 for 6 games.  Willar had a solid match play round – going 2-1 with games of 238, 181, and 208 on this challenging pattern.  Those wins propelled him into 2nd place entering the major final.  Willar entered the finals in the 2nd shootout round.  Willar took on Cameron Hurwitz and Connor Brink.  Willar was victorious….shooting 216 over Hurwitz’s 202 and Brink’s 180.  This moved Willar into the title match vs tournament leader Darren Zombro III.  This title match was a grind….but Willar was able to put marks on the board and keep the board pretty clean.  His opponent, Zombro III, struggled to do the same.  In the end, Willar defeated Zombro III 194-125 to capture the major win.  Willar’s win earned him a $300 scholarship and special cup trophy for his win.

In Handicap, first-timer Jacob Brashear from Barton, MD, captured his 1st PJBT title.  Brashear entered the event with a 120 entering average.  Clearly the tough pattern did not affect his game.  He shot scratch games of 151, 136, 182, 158, 116, and 176 for 1351 (+151) and the tournament lead after qualifying.  The first qualifying cut for 14th place was -55 for 6 games.  Brashear won all his match-play matches with games of 159, 161, and 148.  He maintained the tournament lead entering the finals.  In the title match, Brashear took on Jackson Coy of Mechanisburg, PA.  Brashear got off to a quick start and never looked back.  Brashear defeated Coy 205-92 for the win.  Brashear won a $300 scholarship and trophy for his major win.

Congratulations also to Chloe Skurzynski (-58) and Morgan Daub (-95) for winning the high girl payouts for our major.  Each girl won a bonus scholarship.

No honor scores bowled on this day….so we will move on to Next weekend.

2 Events Next Weekend:  Saturday is the Women’s Only Event #2 at Jay Lanes in Douglassville PA 2:30pm Start —- Sunday is the overall PJBT Regular Season Singles Event at Berks Lanes in Sinking Spring, PA – Event starts at 10:30am.