Binkley/Zombro III & Davis/Kapuschinsky Win Big Doubles Event

Published on: March 15, 2020 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 21st Season with a return trip to Hiester Lanes for our Spring 21 & Under Doubles Event.  This event allows our youth bowlers to team up with any partner under the age of 21 to compete in a fun event.  Format is 5 games qualifying, top 40% of teams bowl another 3 games.  After 8 Games, the top 5 teams compete in a baker format stepladder finals.

On this day, we had a great turnout!  We had 108 bowlers competing….including 60 in Scratch (30 teams) and 48 in Handicap (24 teams).

The Scratch division title went to Sydney Binkley and Darren Zombro III.  Binkley & Zombro III put on a dominant performance all day.  Binkley/Zombro III led qualifying with +286 for 5 games.  They shot 429, 441, 498, 437, and 481.  The first cut was 12th place +120 for 5 games.  In Round 2, Zombro III shot 290 in Game 6 for a 469 team game.  They followed it up with 472 and 454 for 3681 (+481) for 8 games.  They had the lead of the event by just 6 pins entering the baker format stepladder final.  In the title match, they took on #3 seed Charlize Wanner/Dylan Zimmerman.  Binkley/Zombro III got off to a solid start and never looked back.  They won 204-138.  For the win, Binkley & Zombro III each won a $200 scholarship and plaque for their win.

The Handicap Division title was captured by Colby Davis & Skyler Kapuschinsky.  Davis/Kapuschinsky entered the event with a 302 team average and 88 pins handicap per game.  They shot scratch games of 272, 308, 344, 333, and 463 for +160 after 5.  They were in 3rd place entering Round 2 of Qualifying.  The first round 10th place cut was +58.  In Round 2, they shot 318, 350, and 330 to boost themselves up to 2nd place entering the baker stepladder finals.  Davis/Kapuschinsky entered the finals in the semi-final match vs #3 seed Kayla Lowin & Josiah Floyd.   Davis/Kapuschinsky won this match 207-182.  This advanced them to the title match vs tournament leaders Jared Barlup & Zachary Conrad.  In the title match, Barlup/Conrad struggled while Davis/Kapuschinsky put marks on the board.  They won the title match 190-131.  For the victory, Colby Davis & Skyler Kapuschinsky won a $200 scholarship each and plaque.

The honor scores were flying today!  Congrats to Matthew Forry who shot a perfect 300 Game BUT was not in the 300 pot.  So the pot carries over to next week.  Ayden Davis shot an 11-in-a-row 299 Game during qualifying and had 809 series for his first 3 individual games in qualifying.  Zachary Conrad, in Handicap, shot a scratch 11-in-a-row 298 Game during qualifying.  During Round 2, Darren Zombro had an 11-in-a-row 290 Game.

Next week:  Major #8 Singles at Haja Rose Bowl in Allentown PA – Sunday March 15 – 10:30am Start