Bennett/Flowers/Oliver & Gleason/Riker/Swavely Win 3-Person Team Event at Clearview

Published on: March 15, 2020 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 21st Season with a return trip to Clearview Lanes for our only 3-Person Team Tournament of the Year.  This event allows any 3 bowlers to team up and bowl team games in tournament format.  We held 5 qualifying games, cut to the top 40% in each division for another 3 games of qualifying.  After 8 Games, the top 4 teams in each division advanced to our 1vs4 2vs3 bracket final.

On this day, we had 31 teams or 93 bowlers competing.  We had 14 Scratch Teams and 17 Handicap Teams.

The Scratch division title went to Kolby Bennett, Devin Flowers, and Bryce Oliver.  Bennett/Flowers/Oliver came out of the gate early with a big 727 team game to start the day and put them on top.  They followed it up with 615, 648, 650, and 674.  These games kept them near the top of the leaderboard entering Round 2.  Round 2 started off big for them – shooting 760 in Game 6.  This moved them into 2nd place.  They shot 649 and 603 to maintain 2nd place in the event after 8 games.  They only trailed Charles Bostic/Morgan Gitlitz/Anthony Neuer entering the finals.  In the finals, Bennett/Flowers/Oliver took on #3 seed Tom Burns Jr/Brandon Bohn/Andrew Lazarchick in Match 1.  They won that match convincingly 646-585.  This advanced them to the final to take on Bostic/Gitlitz/Neuer.  In a close title match, Bennett/Flowers/Oliver pulled away late and won 688-632 to capture victory.  For their win, Bennett/Flowers/Oliver all received $150 scholarships and plaques for their win.

The Handicap division also went the 2nd seed team of Shane Gleason/Noah Riker/David Swavely.  Gleason/Riker/Swavely entered the day with a 561 team average and 35 pins handicap per game.  They shot scratch qualifying games of 545, 545, 610, 702, and 627.    In Round 2, they started slow with a 483 team game but made up for it in Game 7, where they shot 684 scratch.  The final game of 575 seeded them 2nd out of 4 teams entering the finals.  In their semi-final match, they took on #3 seed David Markowitz/Josiah Floyd/Augie Quattrini.  In a close match that came down to the final shots….Gleason/Riker/Swavely won 601-578.  This advanced them to the title match to take on #4 seed Daniel Eberle/Eryn Moore/Gavin Davidson.  This match turned into a blowout.  Gleason/Riker/Swavely got off to a hot start and never looked back.  They won 631-507.  Gleason/Riker/Swavely each received a $175 scholarship for their win and plaques.

Congrats to all our bowlers who shot honor scores on this day….including Ambrose Shirk, who had an 11-in-a-row 299 Game.  Bryce Oliver shot an 11-in-a-row 298 Game.  Finally, Anthony Neuer converted the 7-10 Split!  We had many honor scores but no perfect games all day.  We flirted with it but it never happened for the 300 Pot.

Next Event:  21 & Under Doubles Event at Hiester Lanes on Sunday, March 8th – 10:30am