Harry Mack Award Winners

Published on: November 10, 2014 | Categories: History

The HARRY MACK MEMORIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is presented to the PJBT bowler who participates in a majority of events and displays outstanding bowling ability, or marked improvement, and an exemplary attitude.

This award was created many years ago in the name of a good bowling friend and legend, Harry Mack.  Harry Mack was a local bowling coach from the Reading Area who was a great influence on growing junior bowling in that area.  Mack coached many of our youth until he passed away a couple of years ago.  With his passing, this award was named in his honor.  Mack was also an integral supporter of the start of the PJBT back in 1999 with Michele (Micki) Woods, who helped start the idea of PJBT years ago.

2018-2019:  Isaac Erickson




2014-2015:  Jack Celmer

2013-2014: Bradley Crouse

2012-2013:  Kevin Beers

2011-2012: Owen Darby

2010-2011:  Jennifer Elicker (Sparks)

2009-2010:  Jennifer Elicker (Sparks)

2008-2009:  Travis Celmer

2007-2008:  Tyler Herrman

2006-2007:  Travis Celmer

2005-2006:  Alex Ludwig

2004-2005:  David Knight Jr.

2003-2004:  Jerred Poff

2002-2003:  Jason Blouch

2001-2002:  Travis Celmer

2000-2001:  Ben Boyer

1999-2000:  Brett Stefan