Czerkies & McCormick Capture 1st PJBT Titles at Hanover

Published on: January 17, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 16th season with a Singles Event at Hanover Bowling Centre.  This was a combined event day where we had the PJBT Bowlers bowling their event at one end of the center and our adults were bowling at the other end in the Adult Bowlers Tour event.  The PJBT saw 57 bowlers come out for this day’s singles event.  The competition took on the Kegel Abbey Road Pattern for this event.

In Scratch, we saw Jakub Czerkies capture his 1st ever PJBT Scratch Title.  Czerkies was seeded tied for 2nd place after the 5 games of qualifying with a score of +49 or 1049.  He only trailed tournament leader Christian Francis by 14 pins.  After 3 games of match play, Czerkies maintained his 2nd seed position.  The rest of the field moved around though.  Francis fell to the 3rd seed entering the finals while our new tournament leader was Dylan Zimmerman.  In the semi-final of the stepladder final….Czerkies took on 4th seed Bret Zirkle.  Zirkle had won the first 2 stepladder matches entering the semi-final vs Czerkies.  Czerkies defeated Zirkle 214-187.  This advanced Czerkies into the title match vs tournament leader Dylan Zimmerman.  Both bowlers struggled in the title match….as the lane pattern broke down.  However, Czerkies outlasted Zimmerman by the score 180-161 to take home the title and the $200 top scholarship prize.

In Handicap, we saw Chris McCormick capture his 1st PJBT title.  McCormick started out the day similar to our Scratch Champion Jakub Czerkies.  McCormick was seeded 2nd after the qualifying round.  After 5 games, McCormick stood at 1055 or +55.  McCormick only trailed tournament leader Drew Jaquith by 3 pins.  In match play, McCormick won his matches and advanced up to the tournament leader position entering the finals.  In the final match, McCormick took on 4th seed Michael Yanetti.  Yanetti was on a hot run….winning all 3 stepladder matches from the 4th seed position prior to the title match.  McCormick and Yanetti battled strong in the title match but McCormick outlasted Yanetti 187-184 to take home the title and the $200 top scholarship prize.

There was no honor scores bowled on this day – extending our 300 Pot to $199 for next week!

We gave away over $1100 in scholarship at this event.