Harford/Himmelreich Win 2nd Adult/Jr of Year while Bzdil/Myers Win 1st at Stanton

Published on: March 29, 2015 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued its 16th season with a trip to the Northern part of PA.  On this day, we rolled into Stanton Lanes, one of our largest bowling centers on the PJBT tour.  Stanton Lanes, with 50 lanes, is the proud host of our 3rd Adult/Junior Event of the Season.  This day saw 64 doubles teams….or 128 bowlers take to the lanes for a great event.  Format was 5 games qualifying, top 40% bowled another 3 games, and then the top 4 teams in each division advanced to a 1 game shootout for the title.

The Scratch Division saw a familiar team take home the title.  Roger Harford Jr & Brent Himmelreich won their 2nd Adult/Jr Event of the season together.  They both won together in our 1st Adult Jr of the season at Country Club Lanes back in October 2014.  Ironically, we have now had 3 adult/junior events and Brent Himmelreich has won all 3 as the adult.  Himmelreich won with Roger in October and Charles Kollar in November at our 2nd Adult Junior.  On this day, Brent made it 3 for 3….and 2 for 2 when Harford/Himmelreich bowl together.

Qualifying on this day was interesting….as our eventual 2nd place finishers…. Zachary Dragovits & Bradley Crouse did something that had never been done in a PJBT.  During Game 4 of Qualifying, Crouse & Dragovits, both as partners, shot 300 each!  For our 1st ever 600 game bowled in a Doubles-type event.  Congratulations to them for this accomplishment.

After qualifying, Dragovits/Crouse lead the scratch field of 24 teams.  Harford/Himmelreich was close behind in the top 5.  After 5 games, the top 10 teams advanced to Round 2.  In Round 2, Dragovits/Crouse maintained their lead with games of 444, 490, and 411.  Harford/Himmelreich jumped to 2nd place with games of 437, 416, and 508.  The teams were 1-2 entering our 4 team 1 game final.  The 3rd seed team was Greg Tack/Josh Sattazahn & 4th seed was Austin Kerper/Jason Boyer.  In the final one game match, it came down to the 10th frame.  Dragovits/Crouse each had to double to win.  They both got the first strike in the 10th but Dragovits didn’t strike on the second ball of the 10th….and the title went to Harford/Himmelreich.  Harford/Himmelreich defeated Dragovits/Crouse, Kerper/Boyer, and Tack/Sattazhn 448-446-413-406.  Harford Jr took home the $300 top scholarship prize while Himmelreich won the $150 top gift card prize and plaque.

In Handicap, Kalli Bzdil/BJ Myers captured their 1st ever Adult/Jr title.  On this day, they were always near the top of the leaderboard but our dominating leaders were Tyler Tasillo/Frank Miller.  Tyler bowled a perfect 300 game during qualifying.  After qualifying, Tasillo/Miller led the 40 team field in Handicap but Bzdil/Myers was not far behind.  In Round 2, Tasillo/Miller maintained their lead while Bzdil/Myers shot games of 379, 294, and 339 + handicap to boost them into 2nd place entering the finals.  The final 1 game match was Tasillo/Miller, Bzdil/Myers, 3rd seed Piggott/Alexander, and 4th seed Matyjewich/Matyjewich.   In the title match, it again came down to the 10th frame.  Tasillo/Miller struggled but Piggott/Alexander forced Bzdil/Myers to mark in the 10th frame for the title…which they did.  Bzdil/Myers defeated Piggott/Alexander, Matyjewich/Matyjewich, and Tasillo/Miller 490-463-457-380.  Bzdil took home the $300 top scholarship prize and Myers won the $150 top gift card prize and plaque.

Congrats to all our honor scores recipients on this day.  Austin Kerper, Zachary Dragovits, and Tyler Tasillo all shot Perfect 300 Games on this day.  They were all in the 300 Pot earning $47 a bowler.  Congrats to Bradley Crouse who shot our only adult Perfect Game of 300 on this day….and Crouse/Dragovits rolled the 600.