Glinski, Reed, and Dragovits Win 1st Ever PJBT TOC

Published on: July 26, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT decided to start a new tradition on Sunday, June 26, 2016.  The PJBT has been conducting tournaments for 17 years.  By demand by the bowlers….on this day….the PJBT held its 1ST ANNUAL PJBT TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.  This event, despite the competition, was more of a fun celebratory event.  We invited back everyone who won a PJBT title for the past 17 years.  We had three divisions for the event.  It was youth scratch, youth handicap, and adult scratch.

The format for the event was 4 games of qualifying.  The field in each division was cut to top 40% for 2 additional games of qualifying.  After 6 games, the top 6 bowlers in each division advanced to our NFL Bracket final.  The title match for each division was televised on our live youtube page.

For Youth Scratch, Alex Glinski, captured the first ever TOC title.  Glinski shot qualifying games of 233, 245, 216, and 249.  Glinski stood at +143 after 4 and was the leader.  In the additional 2 games of qualifying, Glinski shot 258 and 269.  He was the tournament leader at +270.  He received a bye into the semi-final match of the bracket.  In the semi-final, Glinski took on Jonathan Pleger.  He won 226-212.  This advanced Glinski into the title match with Chris Diapola.  Diapola was the #2 seed entering the finals.  On our televised finals, Glinski defeated Diapola 229-176 to take home the title and the $200 top prize.  Diapola finished 2nd winning $100, 3rd/4th was Jonathan Pleger & Dave Callahan – each won $50, and 5th/6th was Dylan Zimmerman & Daniel Althouse – each earning $35.

For Youth Handicap, Logan Reed captured the first ever Handicap TOC title.  Reed shot games of 240, 212, 171, and 267 during qualifying.  Reed, who entered handicap with a 196 average and just 3 pins handicap a game….was near the top of the leaderboard at +102.  Logan’s 2 additional games was 217 and 192.  Reed stood 2nd place entering finals.  Reed took on Breanne Hood in a semi-final match.  Reed defeated Hood 234-204.  This advanced Reed into the title match vs top seed Chloe Skurzynski.  This match was a battle to the end.  Reed outlasted Skurzynski 175-168 and took home the title and $200 top prize.  Skurzynski finished 2nd earning $125, 3rd/4th went to Cole Oberst and Breanne Hood — earning $60 each, and 5th/6th went to James Carnal & Chase Stone — each earning $40.

For Adults, Zachary Dragovits, our PJBT Player-of-the-Year, captured the adult TOC Title.  Dragovits, unlike everyone else, won the event from the #6 seed position of 6 in the finals.  Dragovits shot games of 259,  224, 232, and 203 out of the gate.  His extra 2 games pulled him down to 6th place as he only shot 158 and 159.  However, he didn’t give up.  He just worked harder to win.  Dragovits defeated #3 seed Kasea Bauscher 246-177 in game 1 of the finals.  Dragovits then took on #1 seed Austin Chubb.  Dragovits outlasted Chubb 223-208.  This advanced Dragovits to the title match vs #2 seed Ryan Wyandt.  This title match came down to the final frame.  Dragovits beat Wyandt 216-208 to take home the $200 top cash prize.

Thanks to all who came out for this 1st Edition of the PJBT TOC.  Winners will be invited back again next year.