Tom Hankey & Gianna DeVeau Win PJBT event in New Jersey

Published on: September 10, 2016 | Categories: Headliners, Winners Gallery

The PJBT continued his season outside of its normal home.  Being that the PJBT was in New Jersey assisting with the Parker Bohn Scholarship Tournament…..we decided on Sunday to hold our 3rd event of the year at the same center.  Howell Lanes was our proud host of the day-after Parker PJBT Event.  This event was conducted with our standard 5 game format, 3 games match-play, and stepladder final.  The event was conducted on a house condition.

On this day, we saw 67 bowlers, many new to the PJBT Bowling Series, come out and compete for scholarships.  We had 36 bowlers in Scratch and 31 Bowlers in Handicap.  We gave out over $1,000 in scholarships for the entire day.  The top 7 bowlers in scratch and 6 in Handicap took home scholarship prizes.

In Scratch, Tom Hankey of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, captured his 1st ever PJBT title.  Hankey is not new to the winners’ circle….as he won the Junior Gold Championships two years ago and is our defending champion of the BEST Scholarship Tournament.  On this day, Hankey led start to finish.  He shot qualifying games of 213, 254, 278, 223, and 259.  After qualifying, he stood at 1227 or +227 and was the tournament leader.  First qualifying cut (16th place) was +55.  In match play, he only went 1-2 with games of 247, 184, and 213.  However, he was able to maintain his lead entering the livestream stepladder finals.  In the title match, Hankey took on #2 seed Tristan Leyen.  Hankey got out to an early lead and never looked back.  Hankey outlasted Leyen 237-202 to take home the title.  Hankey won a $200 top scholarship prize and plaque for his win.

In Handicap, PJBT first-timer, Gianna DeVeau, of hometown Howell New Jersey, won her first PJBT title.  DeVeau battled all day to reach the top of the mountain.  DeVeau entered the event with a 109 average and 81 pins handicap.  She shot scratch games during qualifying of 147, 101, 130, 131, and 136.  With her handicap, she stood at 1050 for 5 or +50.  She was in 10th place of 12 in the match play round.  The 12th place qualifying cut was +37.  DeVeau turned in on in match play.  She went 3-0 with a 201 game, 165, and 145.  3 wins and high games boosted her into the tournament lead by just 1 pin over #2 seed Andrew Kline.  The title match was between DeVeau and Kline.  IT WAS EPIC.  The match remained close throughout.  DeVeau finished the match first and shot 165.  Kline needed to strike out in the 10th frame to win.  His first shot was PERFECT and the solid 8 pin stood smiling at him.  He was heartbroken.  In the end, DeVeau defeated Kline 165-161 to take home the title and the $200 top scholarship prize.  She also receive the title plaque for the win.

There were no honor scores bowled on this day.

Next week:  PJBT rolls into Leisure Lanes in Lancaster, PA for the 3 Events in 1 Day!!  9am is Junior Gold Qualifier / 12 Noon is PJBT Major #2 Event / 12 Noon is the Adult Bowlers Tour first event of the year….with top prize of $1000 Guaranteed.